Intro- Pizza and a Movie

Night time view of the Hollywood Theatre, in the Hollywood district of Portland, Oregon. The 1926-built theatre is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is still in operation as a movie theater.

Between school, work, homework, sports, choir, church obligations, and chores, modern families do not get much down-time during the week. I have found that the successful (and even the unsuccessful) end of my family’s long week deserves a bit of celebration. By the time Friday rolls around we want to celebrate but generally want that celebration to be peaceful, quiet, and relaxing (ie- wearing jammies). Like many families, we have found that a Friday night of pizza and a movie is the perfect end-of-week celebration balancing festivity and relaxation in a way that is fun for all ages (and meets that all-important pajama dress code).

For many years my family has turned to the corner pizza shop, or the big name guys, to create our Friday night feasts. But as we have been converted to the Bountiful Baskets way of life, we have made the conscious effort to set aside the store-bought and create our own culinary masterpieces. This has added a whole new twist to the Friday night routine. I try really hard to enlist the help of the kiddos in the kitchen, we get creative with crusts and toppings, everyone helps clean up, and in no time at all we are in our jammies (this really is important), eating pizza, and snuggling on the couch enjoying a great flick.

As I’ve become more involved with the Bountiful Baskets community I’ve learned that my family is not alone in the quest for the perfect homemade pizza . It turns out lots of “basketeers” all around the country have fun creating their own masterpieces, often inspired by the contents of their baskets. Hoping to pull more of you in on the Homemade Pizza and Movie Night craze, the Bountiful Baskets blogging crew has joined forces to share our favorite combos of food and flicks. From heart-felt to funny, and from spicy to sweet- these recipes and reviews are sure to help your family find the perfect pairing. We hope you have fun cooking, creating, and cuddling (in those pajamas of course) while you enjoy Pizza and a Movie.


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