Pizza & a Movie

Intro- Pizza and a Movie

Between school, work, homework, sports, choir, church obligations, and chores, modern families do not get much down-time during the week. I have found that the successful (and even the unsuccessful) end of my family’s long week deserves a bit of celebration. By the time Friday rolls around we want to […]

JoAnn- Pizza and a Movie

Pizza and a movie night is a fun tradition in my family. We have learned to get creative with crusts and toppings making each pizza night unique, healthy, and fun. Our new grain-free lifestyle could leave us empty handed on pizza night but instead, it has prompted me to try […]

Miranda – Pizza and a Movie

Pizza and a movie…seems so simple right?  Where do I start?  My refrigerator of course!  I have Gala and Granny Smith apples from the last couple lunch box packs, lots of cheese (I think we could open a cheese shop), and a nub of fresh ginger from my last juice […]

Asian Chicken Mango French Bread Pizza

Lilibeth – Pizza and a Movie

I love the Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker characters in the Rush Hour movies. It’s fun to watch, there’s action, there’s comedy, and there are really goofy lines. So, for pizza and a movie night I made a Triad pizza honoring the Asian and French themes in the third movie.

Lisa Y – Pizza and a Movie

Watching a good movie while enjoying a homemade pizza is a common occurrence in our house and since no picky eating is allowed it’s easy to try different toppings with success. One of our favorite movies is Secondhand Lions.  It’s the story of a young boy who gets uprooted to […]

Debra – Pizza and a Movie

We do love to have Friday night Pizza and a Movie nights in this household.  With five kids, the biggest thing to do is to get lots of food, and to find a movie everyone enjoys. This recipe is for a fairly simple pizza sauce, but one that definitely includes […]

Karmen – Pizza and a Movie

As I planned for this pizza blog post, I started to think about making a breakfast pizza.  Breakfast for dinner is totally acceptable in my household, in fact, we eat breakfast for dinner weekly.  I knew that I could load a breakfast pizza up with veggies so I went to […]

Debby – Pizza and a Movie

I love the fact that Doc points out how we can make our own future. I think the Back to the Future movies are universal in appeal! This movie highlights the wild west and seemed to fit with my pizza. I live in the southwest so my family loves spicy […]

Alisa E–Pizza and a Movie

The Princess Bride is a movie from my childhood that I recently introduced to my own kids.  This not-so-typical fairytale follows the adventures of a farm-girl-turned-princess and a farm-boy-turned-pirate.  Every day, my husband calls out to the kids as they leave for school, “Have fun storming the castle!”  For years, […]

Cindy – Pizza and a Movie

Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best. I’m having one of those “less than perfect” days. Nothing is particularly wrong, I just can’t seem to get something right. I had HIGH hopes of offering up a wonderful […]