Intro- Pizza and a Movie

Night time view of the Hollywood Theatre, in the Hollywood district of Portland, Oregon. The 1926-built theatre is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is still in operation as a movie theater.

Between school, work, homework, sports, choir, church obligations, and chores, modern families do not get much down-time during the week. I have found that the successful (and even the unsuccessful) end of my family’s long week deserves a bit of celebration. By the time Friday rolls around we want to celebrate but generally want that celebration to be peaceful, quiet, and relaxing (ie- wearing jammies). Like many families, we have found that a Friday night of pizza and a movie is the perfect end-of-week celebration balancing festivity and relaxation in a way that is fun for all ages (and meets that all-important pajama dress code).
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JoAnn- Pizza and a Movie

Pizza and a movie night is a fun tradition in my family. We have learned to get creative with crusts and toppings making each pizza night unique, healthy, and fun. Our new grain-free lifestyle could leave us empty handed on pizza night but instead, it has prompted me to try out the cauliflower crust recipes I have seen floating around. I have tried several. Some totally flopped, some partially flopped, and by combining several ideas and working out my own techniques I’ve hit on a recipe that is almost always a winner. So here are my tried-and-true secrets for a great cauliflower pizza crust.
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Miranda – Pizza and a Movie

Pizza and a movie…seems so simple right?  Where do I start?  My refrigerator of course!  I have Gala and Granny Smith apples from the last couple lunch box packs, lots of cheese (I think we could open a cheese shop), and a nub of fresh ginger from my last juice pack… Oh, I have a recipe for apple rhubarb chutney and I have rhubarb in the freezer (Spring rhubarb add-on). Sounds like the beginnings of a Fall inspired Pizza, and when I think of Fall I think of my childhood, which was spent in Europe (Father was in the Army). We spent many weekends touring around Europe in our old VW bus, seeing castles, farms, and beautiful English estates; this movie is my Fall “go to”!
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Lilibeth – Pizza and a Movie

I love the Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker characters in the Rush Hour movies. It’s fun to watch, there’s action, there’s comedy, and there are really goofy lines. So, for pizza and a movie night I made a Triad pizza honoring the Asian and French themes in the third movie.
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Lisa Y – Pizza and a Movie

Watching a good movie while enjoying a homemade pizza is a common occurrence in our house and since no picky eating is allowed it’s easy to try different toppings with success.

One of our favorite movies is Secondhand LionsIt’s the story of a young boy who gets uprooted to live with relatives he doesn’t know and the adventures that follow.  Since this movie takes place in Texas and because we’re in Texas it made sense to create a pizza using leftover brisket.  After all, there is nothing like Texas brisket!  Hope you enjoy the movie and the pizza as much as we did.

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Debra – Pizza and a Movie

We do love to have Friday night Pizza and a Movie nights in this household.  With five kids, the biggest thing to do is to get lots of food, and to find a movie everyone enjoys.

This recipe is for a fairly simple pizza sauce, but one that definitely includes plenty of veggies.  It is one way to sneak some extra vegetables into my husband (my children don’t need to be fooled!)  Feel free to adjust what you add based on what you have on hand.  I use other bell pepper colors, and I usually use far more garlic.  If you skip the carrot, you may need to add some sugar.
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Karmen – Pizza and a Movie

As I planned for this pizza blog post, I started to think about making a breakfast pizza.  Breakfast for dinner is totally acceptable in my household, in fact, we eat breakfast for dinner weekly.  I knew that I could load a breakfast pizza up with veggies so I went to my fridge for inspiration.  Instead of a pizza dough, the crust of the pizza is made with my biscuit recipe.
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Debby – Pizza and a Movie

I love the fact that Doc points out how we can make our own future. I think the Back to the Future movies are universal in appeal! This movie highlights the wild west and seemed to fit with my pizza. I live in the southwest so my family loves spicy southwestern pizzas. It is a great way to utilize the items from the Mexican pack add-on from Bountiful Baskets.
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Alisa E–Pizza and a Movie

The Princess Bride is a movie from my childhood that I recently introduced to my own kids.  This not-so-typical fairytale follows the adventures of a farm-girl-turned-princess and a farm-boy-turned-pirate.  Every day, my husband calls out to the kids as they leave for school, “Have fun storming the castle!”  For years, they wondered what on earth he was talking about, so we finally pulled this movie out so they could see for themselves.

When we decided on the “Pizza and a Movie” theme, I immediately thought of fruit pizza.  Why?  Because I love dessert!  And there’s no more flexible dessert than a fruit pizza.  You can customize it to any taste and any special dietary need.  The possibilities are endless!  Inconceivably endless!
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Cindy – Pizza and a Movie

Use what talent you possess:
the woods would be very silent if no birds sang
except those that sang best.

I’m having one of those “less than perfect” days. Nothing is particularly wrong, I just can’t seem to get something right. I had HIGH hopes of offering up a wonderful meal to my family and to you tonight, but for the second time in a row it was less than perfect. Which got me thinking about the lenses that we see each other through.

In my old neighborhood I had a neighbor who was the epitome of perfect. Her hair was perfect, her make-up was perfect, her clothes were perfect, her house was always tidy and ready for guests, she hosted fun luncheons and even figured out how to balance all of that and stay in shape. I was the polar opposite of her. I rarely did anything more than a ponytail with my hair, makeup was a luxury that was just out of my grasp, my clothes covered my body, nothing more nothing less (I was just grateful for the days that I could escape, unscathed, by the onslaught of baby food that was being hurled at me) and my house, though it was tidy, it was never guest ready. If someone stopped by unannounced I would either pretend I wasn’t home or holler at them through the door that they would have to wait for a second while I quickly ran through the offending room shoving everything out of sight.
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