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Bacon and Hatch Chile’s, Enough Said!

Friday, October 17th, 2014

You know what I love about Bountiful Baskets? What I REALLY love? Beyond the healthy food on my dinner plate; beyond the rewards I get when I volunteer and do my part to ensure the success of our co-op, which is helping countless people; even beyond money I am saving by participating in Bountiful Baskets….

What I REALLY love about Bountiful Baskets is that because of Baskets, I have found joy in food! Clean, healthy, amazing food that I had walked past in grocery aisles for years. Not noticing them, not knowing how to use them and especially not knowing how much I loved them! (more…)

Volunteer Spotlight Herriman Fire Station

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Trish Slussar – Volunteer Site Coordinator at Herriman Fire Station

When/ how did you begin participating with Bountiful Baskets?

I first heard of Bountiful Baskets in 2009, on a couponing website. I started participating that Fall even though the closest pick up site was 15 miles away from my house. And I have been participating ever since.

Why did you become a Site Coordinator?

To be honest, I did it mostly to have a site near me! But also to be a part of something that brought so much to people’s lives. Healthy eating is important to me and I was always hearing people complain about how expensive fresh produce is. This solves that problem for people!

What is your favorite part about Bountiful Baskets?

I love that just by contributing for a basket I have essentially automated the fresh produce in our home. I don’t have to really think too much about it. Just pick it up and then find great ways to use it.

What is your favorite part about volunteering/running a site?

I have really enjoyed getting to know our regular volunteers and meeting new people. I love it when we get new participants and they just look so excited when they come for their first pick up.

What are your favorite basket items?

Mangoes, Brussels sprouts, berries and asparagus.

Tell us a little about your site & your co-Volunteer Site Coordinator.

My co-Volunteer Site Coordinator, Mollie, and I take turns running the site each week and cover for each other for vacations and such. We also each volunteer when it’s not our turn to be the VSC. She and her family have become our friends and I look forward to the time we get to work together each weekend. We run our site out of a beautiful new firestation building right around the corner from my house. We have a nice indoor space in the Winter and a great outdoor space, in the parking lot, in the Summer. The site is in a great location where we can enjoy pretty sunrises every Saturday morning. And we LOVE our firefighter hosts, they are always asking if there is anything they can do for us. They are so accommodating.

What makes your site fun – or unique?

We have a really good core of regular volunteers who enjoy showing new volunteers the ropes. And we get to run our site in a beautiful building with a view of gorgeous sunrises every Saturday morning.

What’s the craziest or silliest thing that has happened to you or at your site during baskets?

We must not be very crazy or silly because I can’t think of anything. ha! I think our participants appreciate that we are friendly and get the distribution done quickly so they can get on with their weekends.

Any weird basket dreams you’d like to share?

I don’t have too many basket dreams anymore. I used to dream that the cases of produce were being unloaded and they just kept coming and coming and coming, like clowns out of a tiny car!

How has BB changed your life?

It has made adding lots of fresh produce to our diets a no-brainer.

What do you do when you’re not doing BB?

I am the committee chair for our city’s community garden. That keeps me busy during the summer. And I enjoy making art and spending lots of time with our large and growing family.

Tell us a little about your family

My husband and I have 7 kids. 6 daughters and a son. Five of them are grown and have families of their own. We have a dozen or so grandkids, with some fluctuation for our “bonus” foster grandkids.

If you could have 1 super power… what would it be?

Teleportation. I’ve got so many places to go and things to see and so little time!

How many baby elephants did you contribute for last April?

None. lol

Anything else you’d like to share?

We might not be as silly and goofy as some of the Volunteer Site Coordinator’s at sites near us, or our VERY energetic and delightful Volunteer Area Coordinator, but we really care about our participants and we try to give them a quick distribution and a friendly start to their Saturday morning.

Focus on Valley Fair Mall Site

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

The Valley Fair Mall Site of Bountiful Baskets is in West Valley City, new Salt Lake City, Utah.  Heather Shafer is so amazing and we would love to let you get to know her!

Heather Shafer – Volunteer Site Coordinator at Valley Fair Mall

When/ how did you begin participating with Bountiful Baskets?
I had heard about Bountiful Baskets several years back, but at the time, there weren’t that many sites, and I was unwilling to get up at 6:00 am and drive 30 miles to go get my produce (little did I know what I’d be doing a few years later!!) I started in February of 2011 when one of my neighbors shared on Facebook her Bountiful Baskets haul…I figured I’d look into it again, and thankfully there were more sites and closer to me! I officially became a VSC in June of 2013.

Why did you become a Site Coordinator?
I was volunteering almost every week anyway, so I figured being a Site Coordinator wouldn’t be *that* much more work! Also, one of the Site Coordinators was moving away and needed to find a replacement, so it just worked out!

What is your favorite part about Bountiful Baskets?
Oh my…what ISN’T my favorite part? Ok…maybe the getting up at 5:30am part, but seriously, Bountiful Baskets has great produce and their other products like the wraps, the bread and the oil are all such fabulous deals!

Victoria R.’s Story

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

My husband and I relocated from Chicago where we had a beautiful organic garden in our backyard to Fort Worth, TX this summer. To say I am having to relearn growing my own foods is an understatement. And veggies I grew in Chicago without a second thought are not an option here…

About Whitney L

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Travis and I have been married for 9 years. In that time we have had three sweet, wonderful boys, K, 8, E, 6, and A, almost 3. Travis works as a truck driver for the local oil refinery. I am busy with 3 full time jobs with the Buggy, Stinker, and Monkey(kids), full time daycare, working part-time/full time at the local truck stop as a cashier, helping with the PTO at the kids’ school, and my exciting Bountiful Baskets duties.   In our 12 years together we have been through many roller coasters, many towns, many moves, and many jobs; each one bringing us closer together.    Travis is a very picky eater so I have adjusted many of my favorite foods to his selective nature.  K has PDD-NOS (a sensory delay on the autistic spectrum) and texture sensitivities.    E has AD/HD and while we currently have him medicated we hope to have him sleep and diet controlled soon.    A is our allergy and asthma kiddo, with varied allergies to Dairy, shellfish, tomatoes, soy, and strawberries.   His reactions vary depending on the food and preparation type so I have tried to master the art of trial and error with substitution.   We live in a small rural community in Wyoming.   While I was born in a bigger town in Wyoming, Travis has always gravitated to the smaller towns and I have always gravitated to big cities (Denver, for example, I love to visit).    I was raised as a spoiled rich kid… adjusting to a working income and having to stretch every cent and use all we can has been hard.   I now love to experiment with food (although my family is not always on board for me to test on them), coupon, learn to garden, learn to can, and learn to live off what we have.


Introducing Our Guest Bloggers!

Monday, August 26th, 2013

I’m so excited to announce our first round of guest bloggers. We had an amazing number of applications to sort through, and I can tell you that it was really, really difficult to narrow it down to our final group. You all have such amazing stories to tell, and I want you all to know that we will continue to ask for your stories! We ended up with ten amazing people who have much to share with you, and I ask you to join us in welcoming them.

So, without further ado – here are our first round of guests! Click on their names to learn more about them.


Jenn T’s Story – The Purpose of Bountiful Baskets

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

I was actually at my doctor’s office in between Christmas and New Years. I am currently undergoing treatment for a more serious case of scoliosis with side effects of sciatica and spinal arthritis. I bring this up because all my life I’ve lived with chronic pain. For the past 10 years it’s been very bad and about 3 years ago it was at a point where daily activities became taxing. (I am only 32 yrs old). We got on topic about diet and how eating right would help my condition and I started telling her about Bountiful Baskets and how even though I read labels and cooked from fresh ingredients, since starting participation I actually started feeling better both mentally and physically. She eagerly took down the website information and then asked me why I do it. And so I told her: My family started participating in bountiful baskets back in July 2012. From our first basket we volunteered every time. And then I started training to open a site.

Before all this I felt as if I was kinda dying. Like there was nothing motivating me on a personal level. I lost passion and inspiration. And for whatever reason, Bountiful Baskets reignited much of what I had lost. I started getting more creative in the kitchen. I started canning and preserving. And I started teaching other families in the area the benefits of cooking from fresh ingredients and how to do simple things that seemed complex (like making fresh bread). I found my passion for food all over again. But that was just part of it. I found that even though I was still in pain, it was not nearly as bad as it had been. Most days I could actually keep up with my 4 kids (oh if I had even an ounce of that energy!).

Bountiful Baskets also has become a family activity. Behind the scenes my kids help me prep for pickups on Fridays. My husband helps me load the truck and double checks that I have all my supplies. My 4 year old makes his wish list for basket contents writing in characters unrecognizable to me… grapes and trees with microscopic squirrels (broccoli) are always on his list… (I never tell them what baskets are going to have). The older 2 kids usually come to the site the morning of to help. So it teaches my kids about hard work, about getting out of something what you put into it. About working together and planning ahead… And it makes us feel good to know that we are helping so many people- people who may not otherwise be able to afford healthy food and people with health issues who want to change their habits… wives of deployed husbands who are grateful for a smile and help to their car while taking a small break in that monotonous long wait… it makes a difference to them, to their lives. I have made some new friends whom I adore. We swap recipes and jams and pickles we’ve canned. And talk for hours about food and get giddy when basket day approaches (my husband still does not understand the silly smiley happy dance of Monday and Friday nights).

I grew up on the gang-infested north side of Chicago. You just don’t see this type of community togetherness where I come from… so even to witness the teamwork is special to me.

I feel it’s an honor to volunteer and work with everyone. And there have been some not so great experiences at times… but if everything were always rainbows and sunshine we wouldn’t know where to improve and we wouldn’t grow. I appreciate the hard work and efforts that Sally and Tanya and DianaLyn and Rachel (who I bug a great deal with my questions) put forth. Bountiful Baskets is truly an amazing organization and I hope in the future even more communities have the great fortune of benefiting from its awesomeness.

(Sorry for the novel. Just wanted to share).

Jenn T

A Pomegranate Day

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Shared by Joan J in North Dakota. :)


Your Story

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Has Bountiful Baskets changed your life for the better?
Want to share your story?
We’ll contact you and help you put together a blog post about your experience.

Sarah T’s Seizure-Free Story

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

My son, E., was born with a rare genetic disorder called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Basically, this disorder causes tumors to grow on every organ in the body: eyes, heart, liver, brain, skin, teeth, lungs, etc. Currently, he has dozens of tumors in his brain and two on his heart. The tumors in his brain cause developmental delay and seizures.

I remember the first time I held him in my arms: I looked upon this beautiful baby boy with all the hope a new mother has, felt his delicate skin and kissed his tiny forehead. It was at that time he had his first seizure. That was over four years ago.