Stuffed Eggplant

My biggest child (i.e. the grown man child) is always my pickiest eater.  There are so many things that he doesn’t like, thinks he doesn’t like or thinks it sounds like something he might not like.  He has become better over the years but there are many things that he still isn’t willing to eat.  I am always conjuring ideas to use everything in my basket – even the things we don’t like.  We have been contributing to Bountiful Baskets since 2011 so there have been a lot of experiments, some failures and a lot of successes. Continue reading “Stuffed Eggplant”

Veggie Sausage Soup

This soup is so simple to make, and easy to modify to whatever vegetables you prefer (or have left in your fridge that you don’t know what to do with yet).

This is my first attempt at blogging. I’ve always liked the idea of it; I like sharing recipes with others, and I like to talk (haha!). What a way to pair the two!

As I sit here (now for the 4th *5th* time typing this, thanks to my energetic 1 year old), I thought I’d like to share my recipe for a quick and easy soup. I love it because it can clean out your fridge of those veggies that have been in the crisper all week long (or more!). It doesn’t take long to come together, and who doesn’t need a little more time chasing the munchkins around? Continue reading “Veggie Sausage Soup”

Summer Asian Slaw

Summer Asian Slaw

The Asian pack has always been one of my favorites! I love to make up large batches of egg rolls and wontons ( some fried and some raw to use for wonton soup) and stock my freezer. Who doesn’t love a wok full of colorful stir fry? Continue reading “Summer Asian Slaw”

No Soup For You!

I have been wanting to eat Brussels Sprouts in a soup and I wanted to find a way to have them in without it being the main attention getter. You may not believe me this when I tell you but…Brussels Sprouts have a bad rap. I get it; they are tiny cabbage looking things and they smell funny while you cook them with an equally strong taste! But I have found that once I got past the obvious reasons for thinking I shouldn’t like them and gave them a shot I fell in love with the tiny cabbage looking thing with a funny smell! Continue reading “No Soup For You!”

Stuffed Pepper Soup Freezer packs

Its officially Soup Season!  Its my favorite go to lunch, a steaming bowl of soup and a sandwich really hits the spot on cold days.  I really love when I can go out to the deep freeze and grab a soup pack and have lunch or dinner on the table in an hour, or in the crockpot in minutes.  Several readers were curious how I make freezer packs from recipes, here is how I break it down.

Stuffed Pepper Soup

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Amaree – Pizza and a Movie

One of my favorite movies is the OLD Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Always one to be attracted to the silly and whimsical, Willy Wonka has been one of my favorite characters, played so adeptly by Gene Wilder. He has such delight in the simple pleasures of life and finds ways to share those simple delights in fantastical ways! And yet, behind that silliness, there is such a deep and complex person who cares so much for others. And then there is sweet, innocent Charlie! It is so easy to love him and his genuine, tender personality.  And of course, the basis of the movie is a love of chocolate. And I LOVE chocolate!
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Green Juice is NOT Scary!

Green juice does not have to be scary! My mind tends to see green and go straight to yuck, but the trick is to add an extra organic green apple or make it red by adding an organic beet, leaves too! Try to limit the beet and apple… while it will sweeten your juice, remember there is sugar in sugar in there. Green juices detoxify, give you iron and magnesium when you use kale, chard and dark leafy greens.
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Potato-Leek NOT soup


I love, love, love potatoes.  No really- hubby vs. a beautiful, loaded, baked potato I honestly don’t know which would win my affections.  (rest assured kids vs. potato?  I would of course choose the kids). The potato is so versatile- it can be the star of the show or take a supporting role.  It can be all gussied up and glamorous or beautifully simple and elegant.  It can be slim and healthy or full of tantalizing fat with flavors that haunt my dreams (yes, I dream of food- DON’T JUDGE).  I have yet to meet a potato I didn’t like.

Of course, even knowing all of the fabulous ways a potato can make a dinner table appearance I found myself falling into a rut.  OK- I didn’t notice the rut, hubby bluntly pointed it out as I was serving potato- leek soup for the umpteenth time.  I’m sorry- when I see potatoes and leeks in the basket my mind immediately pairs them in the delicious, creamy, comfort food known as soup.  And while I would be happy eating soup every day I decided to honor his not-so-subtle request for something that was NOT soup.

One problem- I still had potatoes and leeks…a lot of them.  So I did what I always do in times of culinary dilemma.  I rolled up my sleeves, got into the kitchen, and started playing around.    What I came up with was a slightly spicy casserole that both used up my produce and allowed hubby to feel free from the clutches of a soup rut.

I started by slicing my Yukon Gold potatoes nice and thin and then slightly browning them in olive oil and putting them into a glass baking dish.  You could probably skip this step but as one of hubby’s biggest complaints was texture, it helped to ensure a bit of a bite.

I made a nice gluten-free sauce by cooking the finely chopped leeks in some butter (in the immortal words of Julia Child “You could leave it out but you’ll be sorry”), tossing in some roasted red bell pepper and roasted hatch peppers, stirring in sorghum flour and spices, and then whisking in chicken broth and of course- cheese.  That got poured over the potatoes and topped with yes, more cheese, and it all came together in one creamy casserole that was NOT soup.  The slightly spicy southwest flavors combined with the comfort of potato and the recipe was definitely a hit.  I hope your family enjoys it as much as mine did.

Southwest Potato Casserole


  • 2 lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes- thinly sliced
  • 1 lb Russet Potatoes- thinly sliced
  • Olive Oil
  • Butter (a bit less than 1/4 cup)
  • 1 Leek- diced (can use regular onion)
  • 3 Red Bell Peppers- Roasted, Seeded and Diced
  • 3-4 Hatch Peppers- Roasted, Seeded and Diced- (or one can of diced chilies)
  • 1 tsp Garlic powder
  • 1 tsp Cumin powder
  • 1/4 cup Sorghum Flour
  • 1-2 Cups Broth (veg or chicken)
  • 1-2 cup Shredded Cheese- I like a mix of cheddar and pepper Jack but whatever you have on hand works.


  1. Heat the oil in a large skillet and slightly brown the sliced potatoes. Then transfer to a 9x13 baking dish.
  2. Cook the diced leek in butter until soft and translucent. Then sprinkle in the Garlic, Cumin, Salt, and Pepper.
  3. Toss in the diced peppers and chilies and let that mix cook for just a minute.
  4. Sprinkle in the Sorghum flour. Stir until you can no longer see the white of the flour. Let it cook for just a minute so that the flour taste cooks out.
  5. Gradually pour in the broth. Add a little bit and then use a whisk to stir it into the flour mix. Add more and stir- keep whisking, cooking, and adding broth until the sauce is the desired consistency (yes even soup-like).
  6. Whisk in about half a cup of shredded cheese.
  7. When the sauce is at the right consistency pour it over the potatoes and gently stir to mix.
  8. Cover with foil and Bake at 450 for about 20 mins (longer if you did not brown the potatoes). When the potatoes are soft cover the casserole with cheese. Turn off the oven and put the potatoes back in with the door closed until the cheese is evenly ooey gooey. This is my favorite way to melt the cheese on a casserole.
  9. Let it sit to cool slightly before serving..
  10. This is great as a side dish for beef, chicken, or pork. Adding cooked Diced Chicken, Sausage, or Bacon to the sauce could turn it into a full meal.

Lunch in a Jar

A couple that I know just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. The key to their success? Well, according to the husband their happy marriage is all because his wife has packed him his lunch every work day for their whole married life. At first, this revelation made me feel really…guilty. I can honestly say that in 13 years of marriage I have never sent my husband off to work with a homemade lunch. Sure, this has meant he has some extra candy machine visits or drive-through stops, but how can I squeeze in making lunch for a man who leaves the house at 5:45 each morning? Already I have a house to clean, meals to cook, four kids to home-school, and sometime in there I have to get a shower (really, won’t he appreciate a clean wife more than lunch?) The old man’s marriage advice was fresh in my mind when I saw pictures of layered, jarred salads on the Bountiful Basket’s Facebook page. These seemed healthy, fresh, and most importantly easy. And so, in an effort to keep our happy marriage happy, and armed with an arsenal of salad-in-a-jar recipes, I have decided to try packing lunches this year.
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Cuckoo For CoCoNut (Oil that is)

The last two months have brought about great changes in my kitchen. We have recently discovered that many of my 7-year-old’s chronic pain issues are due to numerous, severe allergies- both food and environmental. I was already committed to having a “non-processed” pantry and she was already gluten-free so I thought I had the home-cooking lifestyle down pat. But the discovery of allergies to all grains, many fruits and vegetables, and to other basics including olive oil and raw local honey, really set my mind whirling. So much of what I thought was healthy was in fact hurting her. Though I was truly grateful to finally get some answers for my girl I felt depressed, overwhelmed, and totally ill equipped for the task at hand. But, being a somewhat plucky, hard-to-keep-down kind of gal, I quickly got over my pity party and did the best thing I could do. I started to research and started to get into the kitchen and experiment.
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