Alisa E–Pizza and a Movie

The Princess Bride is a movie from my childhood that I recently introduced to my own kids.  This not-so-typical fairytale follows the adventures of a farm-girl-turned-princess and a farm-boy-turned-pirate.  Every day, my husband calls out to the kids as they leave for school, “Have fun storming the castle!”  For years, they wondered what on earth he was talking about, so we finally pulled this movie out so they could see for themselves.

When we decided on the “Pizza and a Movie” theme, I immediately thought of fruit pizza.  Why?  Because I love dessert!  And there’s no more flexible dessert than a fruit pizza.  You can customize it to any taste and any special dietary need.  The possibilities are endless!  Inconceivably endless!

The basics are these: some type of cookie or brownie crust baked in a pizza pan, cooled and topped with a spreadable layer of cream or glaze, and fresh fruit.  The most popular crust is your favorite sugar cookie recipe, pressed out into a pizza pan, then baked to golden perfection.  Popular spread options include sweetened whipped cream, or a cream cheese frosting.  Any fruit will do for the top, but popular choices are berries, fresh cut pineapple, sliced kiwi, peaches, or mangoes.

But don’t limit yourself to what you have seen others do.  Get creative and make your fruit pizza “as you wish.”

Is your family on a health kick?  Try a healthy cookie crust option.  Use whipped cream sweetened with honey for the spread, and top with your favorite fruits in season.

Are you in a time crunch? No need to bake from scratch. Just buy a roll of prepared cookie dough, press into a greased pizza pan, and bake.  Use a tub of whipped frosting for the spread, and use berries to top–no need to peel or slice!

Feeling fall-ish?  How about spreading a gingerbread cookie crust with caramel dip, then topping with thinly sliced fresh apples or pears?

Longing for a tropical getaway?  Spread your favorite crust with sweetened cream with lime zest, then top with mangoes, pineapple, kiwi, shredded coconut, and fresh mint leaves.

Can’t do dairy?  No problem!  Rather than a creamy spread, try a fruit glaze.  Can’t do wheat?  How about a grain-free cookie crust?

Here’s what my family came up with for our Princess Bride movie night.


Buttery soft sugar cookie crust, vanilla bean whipped cream, fresh Utah peaches and raspberries

For even more variety, try some of these Princess Bride themed finishing touches:

  • Miracle Max chocolate drizzle:  Mix 2 tablespoons Bountiful Baskets coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, and a splash of vanilla, then sweeten to taste with delicious Bountiful Baskets honey (or other preferred sweetener).  Drizzle over the top of your fruit pizza.  “Chocolate coating makes it go down easy.”
  • Iocane powder:  Dust your finished fruit pizza with sifted powdered sugar.  “I’d bet my life on it.”
  • Chopped nuts:  “No more rhymes now, I mean it!”  “Anybody want a peanut?”
  • Princess Buttercups:  Rough chop some chocolate peanut butter cups and sprinkle over top.

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