A Bountiful Thanksgiving~2014

Thanksgiving has always had a special place in my heart. It’s the time of year when everyone gives a little extra effort to spend time together. Work schedules, activities and events become less of a priority and we’re reminded that our families are the real reason for being thankful. Sometimes that family extends far beyond the kind of blood relation. Sometimes that extends across the country to people you have never met. That is the case for our big, beautiful Bountiful Baskets family. We are spread out across the country; most of us wouldn’t even know each other if we crossed paths on the street. We may not know each other by face, but we can see each others’ hearts. And that is what makes us family.

This year, I am giving Thanks for not only my blood family, but to my Bountiful Baskets family as well. I have never seen a group of this magnitude; more dedicated, kind and genuine than the people in Bountiful Baskets. I have felt compassion and acceptance from places I didn’t know could exist. I have felt loved and supported by people who I have never met….People; who are extremely busy with their lives and still find time to give this co-op and each other time and energy. The truth is; most of us don’t have much to give but we would willingly give it all for each other and this co-op. I feel blessed beyond words to be a part of this, a part of something great. The coolest part, I didn’t have to pass a test to join this club…All I had to do was show up, and I was welcomed. I am thankful for no prerequisites…Not sure I would’ve passed! ūüėČ

The 2014 Thanksgiving collaboration joins a few of our talented bloggers and lots of their yummy recipes!! Scroll through and check them out, they are categorized into 5 courses. Check out this Download Thanksgiving Timeline Here for a breakdown of your preparations to the big feast! Continue reading “A Bountiful Thanksgiving~2014”

Busy Day Sausage Veggie Soup

In my house, Tuesdays are our really busy day. ¬†My daughter has dance and is absolutely famished when she gets home so I’m always looking for ideas to get dinner on the table as quickly as possible. ¬†The crockpot makes an appearance regularly on Tuesdays. ¬†I cut up the veggies and put this soup together this morning and cooked it on low all day. ¬†This recipe is loaded with veggies and sausage so it is a great meal in a bowl. Continue reading “Busy Day Sausage Veggie Soup”

Undemanding Chowder


We have enough demands in life, don’t you think? ¬†Everyone that I know is running high on “to do” and short on time (and maybe patience). ¬†Sometimes we have to start making demands of the things in our life. ¬†Today, I demanded that dinner be quick, easy and comforting. ¬†It is darn cold around here and I can’t tolerate for one of these demands not to be met.

Luckily, dinner met all of my specifications. ¬†I chopped up everything and put it in the crockpot this morning. ¬†I had red corn in the freezer from a case that I processed and froze over the summer. ¬†I also put in a jalape√Īo to add a little bit of spice. ¬†If you like more spice, you can add more jalape√Īo than this (or leave the seeds in). ¬†If you don’t like it you can leave it out. ¬†When we got home from my daughter’s dance class, I added the butter and cream. Continue reading “Undemanding Chowder”

Potato Fennel Cheese Soup

Tuesdays are particularly fun at our house! ¬†There’s piano lessons, and of course it is produce ordering night. ¬†This particular Tuesday was a special sort of challenge. ¬†It involved fence defying goats, hopping fences after them, trudging through recently irrigated muddy mosquito filled pastures, getting the little Ms. Special Pants, Long lost bucking bronco, rodeo Jersey Family Milk Cow in the corral without a rope because I didn’t remember it as I dropped my shade structure project and ran to the back of the pasture after the goats. ¬†It was fun!

I got home and quickly looked in the fridge and threw together a soup with everything but the kitchen sink. ¬†It was AMAZING! ¬†There’s not a drop left and the house smells so good that when the Mr. gets home from the airport he will look at me with puppy dog eyes even though he already ate dinner. Continue reading “Potato Fennel Cheese Soup”

Pumped up Broccoli Cheese Soup

When I was a child, we showed horses. ¬†Some of the fondest memories of my life were during this time. ¬†Believe it or not, this recipe was inspired by these fond horsey memories. ¬†I remember going to the Quarter Horse Youth World Show in Fort Worth and ordering these HUGE, loaded baked potatoes. ¬†As memory serves, you could top them with whatever incredible topping you wanted. I would load it up with bacon and cheese (of course) and broccoli. ¬†Amazing! Continue reading “Pumped up Broccoli Cheese Soup”

Au Gratin Potatoes with Fresh Fennel

I always get excited when we get fennel in our baskets!¬† But then again I LOVE black licorice, and raw fennel has a definite licorice flavor and aroma.¬† Sadly my husband is not a licorice fan, so raw fennel is not an option for him.¬† However, cooked fennel has a different flavor, it’s not as pungent and aromatic when its roasted or baked in a casserole.¬† A friend shared a recipe with au gratin potatoes and bacon which sounded good, but i didn’t have a pound of bacon handy.¬† After digging in my deep freeze (come on we all do it, looking for that one item you know you stuck in there and just like your purse, everything immediately goes to the abyss in the bottom) I found a pound of Italian sausage.¬† What is in Italian sausage for spice…Fennel seed. Hmm, I am thinking this could be a winning choice.

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Chipping, carrots that is!


I found myself trading avocados a couple baskets ago for some extra carrots. Not realizing at the time I had 2 one pound bags already. Now what can I do with them???? I know carrot chips. There is nothing like homemade chips of any kind and carrots are one of my favorites. You can do sweet or spicy, hot or just plain salted. Really anything goes with carrot chips so let your imagination fly. And no one needs to know they are healthy. Continue reading “Chipping, carrots that is!”

Lemony Marinated Pork Tenderloin

I’m still working my way through lemons. Everything has to happen in the morning around here, because the afternoon is reserved for family and school.

Which means – hello, I NEED a plan. Bobby Flay to the rescue. Well, kinda. It’s really rare that I follow anyone’s recipe exactly. Even my own (after the first time I write it down). Anyway… Bobby. The King of the Grill has inspired me with a marinade. I’m not grilling (I could, I suppose, although it’s supposed to rain this afternoon). Instead, I’m marinating a beautiful pork tenderloin, which I will throw in the oven around the time we start math (along with some lemony rosemary roasted potatoes). It should be done just in time for dinner.
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Pork Roast with Homemade BBQ Sauce, Mashed Potatoes & Celeriac

Comfort food seems to be my specialty.¬† Serve this with a green salad, and you have a solid home-run dinner.¬† The sauce is perfect for family, and is a great basic BBQ sauce that you can add to if you want to dress it up or suit your own tastes.¬† I got started making my own when I started getting bad MSG headaches.¬† It’s so simple it’s a fallback with my crockpot when I want an amazing dinner with minimal effort.
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Potato, Bacon and Parmesan Frittata

I have many recipes in my arsenal that I go to when my basket contents are nearing their end or when I need to clean out my fridge for the upcoming basket. ¬†Frittata is one of those recipes – it is versatile enough to be able to toss many different vegetables into. ¬†Today, I didn’t have many basket ingredients left so I put together this recipe with my last two potatoes from my last organic basket and some green onions that I found in the back of my fridge. ¬†I sliced up my remaining asian pears to serve my family a well-rounded and filling breakfast.
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