Plummy Passion Pack – July 2013

As you go through your Plummy Passion Pack it’s fun to identify what you are eating!  It’s a family tradition in our house to cut one of each type into small chunks and try each type.  Each person chooses their favorite!  Have fun with your pack!


  1. I can ditto Chris’s response. I have the PLUs 3278, 4039 (in abundance), 4040, 4041, 4042, and a handful of small yellow plums which do not have stickers on them. I’m wondering if some of the boxes were not packed properly since it appears that there are only 6 types instead of 11.

  2. Holly Zielsdorff

    We decided to make Asian Plum sauce with our plums using stevia for sweetner and coconut soy sauce 🙂

  3. Approximately how many of each plum>

  4. Is there just 1 of each type plum?

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