Who Can ♥♥♥♥ the Salt Lake County Firefighters Like We Do………..Ain’t Nobody Loves ’em Like WE DO!

Did you know that any abandoned or refused produce (that is still in good shape) must be donated to our local fire stations? I have had the wonderful opportunity to visit with some of our local firemen these last few weeks, by delivering abandoned baskets to them.  They ever so much appreciate the food donations we share with them.  I learned so much from my visits with them, like…. They run 3 shifts, and each shift is 48 hours long.  Let me explain, they work 2 full days and are off for 4 days.  During those two full days they eat, sleep, work (take calls) and live at the fire station. Continue reading “Who Can ♥♥♥♥ the Salt Lake County Firefighters Like We Do………..Ain’t Nobody Loves ’em Like WE DO!”

Volunteer Spotlight: Mandy E. at South Jordan Fire Station in South Jordan, Utah

When/How did you begin participating with Bountiful Baskets?

My sister from Idaho told me about it.

Why did you become a site Coordinator?

I was asked by my friend Anna to train to be a backup for her.  I was subbing fairly often for her and others when the regular Site Coordinator for B Week at our site said she had to step down. My Area Coordinator asked if I wanted to take over since I subbed there and knew the routine.  I was excited to see my people more often. Continue reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Mandy E. at South Jordan Fire Station in South Jordan, Utah”

Volunteer Spotlight: Anna N. at Paradigm High in South Jordan, Utah

When/How did you begin participating with Bountiful Baskets?

I was talking to my Aunt many years ago about how I could not afford fresh fruit to keep on the table for my kids.  She told me to look into Bountiful Baskets.  I forgot all about it, then one of my Co-Workers was telling all about this food co-op that she had found and the great deal that she got and it clicked that this was the same as what my Aunt was telling me about a year prior.

Why did you become a Site Coordinator?

I LOVE meeting new people, and making new friends.  What better way to get to know people those who have

a passion for produce as much as I do!

What is your favorite part about Bountiful Baskets?

I love it when I get something “new” in my basket, something that I have never tried before.  Also a great way to get my kids to try new things as well.

What is your favorite part about volunteering/running a site?

It is my “Girls Night”, every week I get to get out with other people that are grown ups!

Tell us a little about your site?

I have a Thursday night site at Paradigm High School, it is awesome that Bountiful Baskets now has evening sites in Salt Lake County.  Some of us people are not morning people!

What makes your site fun or unique?

Did I say that we are a Thursday night site?

What is the craziest or silliest thing that has happened to you or at your site during baskets?

My Truck driver asked me if I was single….And I will leave it at that! 😉

Any weird basket dreams you would like to share?

I had a dream not long ago that I was getting calls from all the other Volunteer Site Coordinator’s about their sites, but I forgot to go and run my site.  I woke up freaking out that I had missed my time to leave to go run my site.

How has Bountiful Baskets changed your life?

I love Bountiful Baskets, I have made so many new friends because of Baskets.  I don’t know what my life would be like right now without baskets.

What do you do when you are not doing Bountiful Baskets?

I work full time at a local Hospital three days a week.  My days off are reserved to spend time with my family.

Tell us about your family?

I have been married 15 years, have 3 boys and 2 girls.

If you could have 1 super power… What would it be?

I would love to be able to control the weather.  I would have it be a perfect spring day every day!

How many baby giraffes did you contribute for last April?

🙂 The Giraffes were offered on a Tuesday, and I contributed on Monday. But when I saw that they were offered I was so bummed, because I would have contributed for 5.

Anything else you would like to share?

I love Bountiful Baskets, and the people that are a part of it with me.  I hope everyone else that contributes for baskets, new & old, have the same love for baskets that I do!

20 Minute Tostada’s

I picked up my Half time hostess pack last night and saw my prizes….I was so excited. I don’t think people realize the value of these babies, the gazillion things we can do with them! I think I will be testing out the possibilities in the near future. But, I am all about instant gratification so I wanted something fast, easy and healthy. So I whipped up these tostada’s and they were FABULOUS! Just like all great things. It must be shared. I’m sure with a little time this too can be perfected but for now. Fast and ooooh so good will do. The great things about tostad’s is you can fit them to your liking. Continue reading “20 Minute Tostada’s”

Volunteer Spotlight: Lara M. in St. Joseph, Missouri

Lara M. has long been the face of Bountiful Baskets in Missouri and Arkansas where she is the Volunteer Area Coordinator.  She went out on a limb driving quite a ways to train and get her food and now she has a Bountiful Baskets site right in her hometown of St. Joseph.  She is perhaps one of the kindest hearted most encouraging women to work with.  As all mother’s of nine must she has a kind word handy always.  We really appreciate that and bet you do too!

When/ how did you begin participating with Bountiful Baskets?

Enough for a family of 11!

I first heard of Bountiful Baskets in the spring of 2012 and there were zero sites in my entire state.  It took a couple of months but I finally convinced my husband that travelling almost 3 hours, one direction, to another state to train would be worth our while.  We contributed for our first baskets in July, 2012 and have appreciated each and every one!

Why did you become a Site Coordinator?

Our city wasn’t aware of Bountiful Baskets at the closest site was 2-3 hours away.  I wanted the co-op and realized that to make that happen, I would have to bring it here.

What is your favorite part about Bountiful Baskets?

Obtaining healthy REAL foods to feed my family at a price that makes sense!

What is your favorite part about volunteering/running a site?

Meeting all my participants and sharing REAL food with them all.  I just LOVE when participants ask me how they can use an item they have never tried before but love it even more when they return to tell me how their lives are changing, in very positive ways, because of their participation.

Tell us a little about your site & your co-Volunteer Site Coordinator.

Our city graciously allows us to use the local Sports Complex and the folks there are extremely accommodating.  All the employees are welcoming and a couple have even become participants.

My back-up site coordinator is Connie Thompson, a long time area resident.  She always has a smile for our participants and a positive attitude.  I am blessed to have her to rely on!

What makes your site fun – or unique?

My volunteers!  It is often the highlight of my week to have that hour before pick-up to chat with them and talk about what we all enjoy: fresh produce!  We marvel over each and every case, talk about how we plan to fix things, and dream of what might be offered the next distribution.

What’s the craziest or silliest thing that has happened to you or at your site during baskets?

Probably the day my grandson was baptized.  I had set the time for right after baskets but my phone rang non-stop during the entire distribution because the godparents had TWO flat tires on their way and had to turn around to get new tires which made me have to reschedule the baptism *in the middle of distribution.*  My AWESOME volunteers made it happen though and he was baptized later that evening AFTER I had time to return home and put all my yummy produce away!

Any weird basket dreams you’d like to share?

I haven’t had any but my oldest daughter has.  Numbers aren’t her thing and she once dreamed she kept putting out baskets but it was never the right number of baskets so she kept counting them over, and over, and over, and over, and….

How has BB changed your life?

The co-op has literally revolutionized how I feed my family.  I used to spend hours each week planning meals then elaborate menu plans and shopping lists to match.  Because of Bountiful Baskets, stepping into a grocery store is now an extremely rare occurrence!  We eat meat, and co-op produce, and not much else!  Yes, I do purchase a few staples from an online provider that ships directly to my home but those trips to the grocery that I had come to loathe are no more!

What do you do when you’re not doing BB?

I educate our children at home, run a local host site for a nationwide cloth diaper loan organization, and am an AVID knitter, spinner, and crochet enthusiast.

Tell us a little about your family

My husband and I have 9 daughters and one grandson who is the apple of his aunties’ eyes

If you could have 1 super power… what would it be?

To bi-locate so I could get more done!

How many baby elephants did you contribute for last April?

Zero, but my 10yo begged me to max on them.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I don’t think the average participant truly realizes how much of themselves Sally & Tanya have poured into this endeavor or how committed they are to the cause of benefitting families, one dinner table at a time.

A Bountiful Thanksgiving~2014

Thanksgiving has always had a special place in my heart. It’s the time of year when everyone gives a little extra effort to spend time together. Work schedules, activities and events become less of a priority and we’re reminded that our families are the real reason for being thankful. Sometimes that family extends far beyond the kind of blood relation. Sometimes that extends across the country to people you have never met. That is the case for our big, beautiful Bountiful Baskets family. We are spread out across the country; most of us wouldn’t even know each other if we crossed paths on the street. We may not know each other by face, but we can see each others’ hearts. And that is what makes us family.

This year, I am giving Thanks for not only my blood family, but to my Bountiful Baskets family as well. I have never seen a group of this magnitude; more dedicated, kind and genuine than the people in Bountiful Baskets. I have felt compassion and acceptance from places I didn’t know could exist. I have felt loved and supported by people who I have never met….People; who are extremely busy with their lives and still find time to give this co-op and each other time and energy. The truth is; most of us don’t have much to give but we would willingly give it all for each other and this co-op. I feel blessed beyond words to be a part of this, a part of something great. The coolest part, I didn’t have to pass a test to join this club…All I had to do was show up, and I was welcomed. I am thankful for no prerequisites…Not sure I would’ve passed! 😉

The 2014 Thanksgiving collaboration joins a few of our talented bloggers and lots of their yummy recipes!! Scroll through and check them out, they are categorized into 5 courses. Check out this Download Thanksgiving Timeline Here for a breakdown of your preparations to the big feast! Continue reading “A Bountiful Thanksgiving~2014”

Potato Fennel Cheese Soup

Tuesdays are particularly fun at our house!  There’s piano lessons, and of course it is produce ordering night.  This particular Tuesday was a special sort of challenge.  It involved fence defying goats, hopping fences after them, trudging through recently irrigated muddy mosquito filled pastures, getting the little Ms. Special Pants, Long lost bucking bronco, rodeo Jersey Family Milk Cow in the corral without a rope because I didn’t remember it as I dropped my shade structure project and ran to the back of the pasture after the goats.  It was fun!

I got home and quickly looked in the fridge and threw together a soup with everything but the kitchen sink.  It was AMAZING!  There’s not a drop left and the house smells so good that when the Mr. gets home from the airport he will look at me with puppy dog eyes even though he already ate dinner. Continue reading “Potato Fennel Cheese Soup”

Bacon and Hatch Chile’s, Enough Said!

You know what I love about Bountiful Baskets? What I REALLY love? Beyond the healthy food on my dinner plate; beyond the rewards I get when I volunteer and do my part to ensure the success of our co-op, which is helping countless people; even beyond money I am saving by participating in Bountiful Baskets….

What I REALLY love about Bountiful Baskets is that because of Baskets, I have found joy in food! Clean, healthy, amazing food that I had walked past in grocery aisles for years. Not noticing them, not knowing how to use them and especially not knowing how much I loved them! Continue reading “Bacon and Hatch Chile’s, Enough Said!”

Dehydrated Onion and Herb Powder

Look at all those herbs in your Italian pack and Stew Pack!  Do you find that you use a bit of each and then run out of ideas?  Never again my friend!

Beef prices are on the rise and roasts being the most affordable option you can combine that with your left over Italian pack herbs or Stew Pack Herbs and your Onion Pack and amazingly delicious things will result!  Use whatever herbs you can fresh, and then dehydrate the rest (either in a dehydrator or in your oven or hanging in a dark closet) and mix with dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, salt, and blend into powder and voila!  You have a delicious meat rub.

The great thing about a meat rub is it is largely flexible in composition so whatever you don’t use fresh will work swimmingly.  I used Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, and Parsley in mine and it worked out great on a crock potted chuck roast turned pot roast with celery, that fennel that needed to be used, carrots, and potatoes.   If you had a lot of basil in yours you could do the same but perhaps use zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes and serve over pasta!




Meat Rubs from your Herbs


  • Your choice of fresh
  • Parsley
  • Sage
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Oregano
  • Tarragon
  • 2 Onions
  • 1 or 2 cloves garlic
  • 3 tbsp Salt


  1. Dehydrate left over fresh herbs, onion and garlic (make sure they are super dry!)
  2. Put in blender
  3. Combine with salt
  4. Blend until a fine powder
  5. Store in a jar/ziplock
  6. Roll meat in it prior to cooking
  7. You may use this to season vegetables!

Garlic Pesto Chicken

Have you ever tried pesto? I saw it for the first time about a year ago….Standing there in the noodle aisle, doing what I always do; trying to get some inspiration from the food in front of me. I saw this little jar that struck my fancy. Skip forward, the pesto is still here. The stores version. Not so much.
So anytime I try something new, I immediately start thinking of ways I can make it different; make it my own. I love cooking. I love making food taste gooooooood! I LOVE seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they are trying a new food and the moment it hits their system, when the flavors come together and it all reaches their brain…THAT moment, is the moment that I cook for.
Pesto, it has many purposes, each one good in their own right. It can be an appetizer dip, spread on a bread or used with noodles; the possibilities are endless! And lucky for us, it’s easy to make. Continue reading “Garlic Pesto Chicken”