Black Mamba jam – an exclusive!

Black Mamba Jam

I’m always on the hunt for a new jam since I opened my cottage food business… or since I started my garden. No, maybe since I decided my life’s goal was to become a mad scientist in the kitchen… that sounds more like it.  It’s amazing how I just drool over everything I put into the baskets for ya’ll and just hear those gears churning and whirring and ideas fall into place.  This recipe though… This came from a whole new avenue, even for someone as random as I am.

On the last day of my birthday weekend, my soon to be possibly a maybe former or closet smoker guy and I wandered into a “vapor” store hoping to find another alternative to that nasty cigarette monster.  When we walked in it was like heaven on a scratch and sniff…  While he perused the “menu” for flavors to try I concocted jams out of the devilish concoctions they had modeled after famous cocktails.  In a second Black Mamba Jam was born!

As luck would have it we get cranberries in the hostess pack!  Excellent, because I’m not a cranberry type of girl.  I froze amazing Bountiful Basket blackberries this summer… and what are these???? SATSUMA tangerines.  We’re set!

Black Mamba jam – an exclusive!

Prep Time:

Cook Time:

Black Mamba jam – an exclusive!


  • 1 bag of cranberries
  • 2 peeled satsuma tangerines
  • 4 cups crushed blackberries
  • 6 cups sugar
  • 6 tablespoons pectin


  1. Puree the whole bag of cranberries, four cups of blackberries and two peeled Satsuma tangerines until crushed and smooth.
  2. Add six tablespoons of pectin and get to boiling over medium heat, stirring frequently.
  3. Boil for two minutes, stirring constantly, once the boil can't be stirred down.
  4. Remove from heat.
  5. Add the six cups of sugar and stir until completely incorporated.
  6. Stir constantly until it reaches a boil again.
  7. Boil for one minute, remove from heat and pour into jars or other containers.

Enjoy this toast worthy adaptation of a famous cocktail, but BE CAUTIONED!!!!!!!   I took a sample of this to work and within minutes (or however long it takes for a toaster oven to toast) half of an 8 ounce jar was gone and those greedy attorneys were asking for more.


  1. Can you sub frozen blueberries for blackberries? I have a ton of blueberries in my freezer!

  2. Sharon,

    I’ve tried it with an 8 ounce bag and a 16 ounce bag. In my area, or in my basket, I’ve only gotten the smaller bag and use that, but you could certainly use more. It averages out to about six cups total when all the fruit is combined.

  3. Kathie,
    Typically if I go SF I substitute juice and use sugar free pectin. I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners of any kind. I dislike the taste immensely. I do fight the “sugar” battle though because my boyfriend is convinced that sugar is the devil, even the natural organic cane sugar I buy,…. but eh, he is learning.

  4. Hi Nikki,

    Wondering if this could be tried with stevia or some other natural SF option? I don’t keep sugar in my house even. The only problem is that the stevia leaves an aftertaste, especially after heating. I have tried coconut sugar with cookies and that worked well but not in jam. Like I said, just wondering if maybe you had tried any SF options.


  5. how big of a bag of cranberries does the recipe call for?

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