Victoria R.’s Story

My husband and I relocated from Chicago where we had a beautiful organic garden in our backyard to Fort Worth, TX this summer. To say I am having to relearn growing my own foods is an understatement. And veggies I grew in Chicago without a second thought are not an option here…

I was bemoaning my lack of garden, and lack of finding a local CSA to one of the neightbors. She suggested Boutiful Baskets and I was hooked as soon as I saw your website and what the organization is about.

My first pick up was only a few weeks ago and I was shocked by the size and quality of the fruits and veggies you provided! Who knew organics bananas taste completely different than the mass produced grocery store bananas! Thank you!

I have now introduced several of my friends to Bountiful Baskets and love hearing what everyone is doing with their basket goodies.

This week we received bok choy and you would have thought I brought home fine chocolates the way my husband was dancing about the kitchen!

This weekend will be my first opportunity to volunteer and I can’t wait!

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  1. Suzanne O. says:

    Victoria – Check with your local agricultural extension about growing times in your area. Crops I would grow in summer, up north, I grow in winter or early spring in the Austin area. Right now I am growing lettuce under a frame of PVC pipe covered in 6mil plastic. A 60-100W light bulb under it during hard freezes is working well.

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