Volunteer Spotlight: Carrie R. in Fort Morgan, Colorado

Carrie R. is the newest addition to the Volunteer Team responsible for the awesomeness that happen at Fort Morgan Bountiful Baskets! There’s a team of seven that keeps this organized and fun site going throughout the year even when it is -24 degrees like today. We are so grateful to Carrie for all she does to help make the site run smoothly and make healthy food available to her community very affordably! Woot Woot for getting it done Carrie!

When & how did you begin participating with Bountiful Baskets?
I started getting baskets in March 2013. I saw a flyer at the rec center and figured I would try it out. The produce couldn’t have been any worse than what I was buying locally.

Why did you decide to become a Site Coordinator?
I decided to become a site coordinator because Bountiful Baskets is something I believe in and if you want to keep something around you work it!

What is your favorite part about Bountiful Baskets?
My favorite part of baskets is it’s like Christmas every week! You never know who is going to show up to volunteer and you never know exactly what your basket will contain!

What are your favorite basket items?
I am always get excited to see mangos! Well and everything really!

Tell us a little about your site?
We have so much fun at our site! So many great people come and we love to welcome new faces!

What’s the craziest or silliest thing that has happened to you during baskets?
The first time I ran the site without Nicci I forgot to distribute the case ends! Thank goodness one of the volunteers noticed before I started checking people out!

Any weird basket dreams you’d like to share?
The weirdest basket dream I have had is that I forget how to count.

How has Bountiful Baskets changed your life?
Beyond the fresh produce, Bountiful Baskets has given me friends!!

What do you do when you’re not doing Bountiful Baskets?
When I am not doing Bountiful Baskets I am planning what to make with the products I have gotten from Bountiful Baskets. 🙂 And totally rocking the stay at home mom gig I have!

Tell us a little about your family
I have been married for 17 years to (a very patient man named) Michael. We have 3 children. Emily 14 (who volunteers regularly) Michael 11, and Joslyn 7, and a dog too!


  1. I used to get the baskets and loved it. My site closed. Is the any sites close to San Antonio Tx that are not on far north side of town south of San Antonio would be great… Please Please I live in Lytle Tx

  2. Just wanted to say:It is a GREAT Thing Your Doing.And your web site is Great.That that I have looked at.All the recipes.I put the Site on my Facebook page because of the recipes.

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