Z.O.M.B.I.E. Veggies

Recently it seems that Zombies have made a real “comeback”. Television programs, movie, books, and even cellphone companies have gotten on the Zombie bandwagon. So it seems only natural that Bountiful Baskets should resurrect a few veggies.

Last month I traveled to small town Iowa to visit my parents and introduce them to Bountiful Baskets. We received a couple heads of living lettuce in our baskets, and we each chose one as our volunteer item (how awesome is that!), after a week we had used most of 2 heads and I thought hmm, what would happen if I put these stumps with roots in the aero garden.

I uncoiled the roots and stuck them under the water and turned on the light source. After 2 days, by heck, there was lettuce starting to grow! I left a few days later, but gave Mom instructions on how to tend to her new lettuce garden, 2 weeks later she sent me a picture. It’s ready to start harvesting!

I decided to see if I could actually raise some of my produce from the dead. So I cut the bottom off a celery head we got in our basket, and plunked in a dish of water, then I cut off the bottom of romaine lettuce and stuck in in there too.

I had some green onions from a recent basket and and a leek I had purchased at the grocery store (gasp!) so the leek I cut the root end off and the green onions I used the greens for baked potatoes, but I had some green left with the root and so into a container they went.

After about a week (when the above pictures were taken) you can see there is already new growth! Woot! This could actually work! After 2 weeks I had a nice 4-inch tall cluster coming up from the celery, about an inch growth on the lettuce, the leek had a nice green shoot that stood about 3 inches, and the green onions I had to trim and use a couple of times because they were growing FAST! I should have taken a picture, but got busy and didn’t (kicking myself!). Well, they had out grown their dish, and I put then into taller containers and added more water, stuck them up on the windowsill and went on with life. A couple days later I noticed a fowl odor and started exploring…oh no! Lesson learned, keep the roots in water NOT the entire bottom! I killed my Zombies, turned them into smelly mush! But, I am determined to build myself a Zombie Garden this winter, I now know what NOT to do!

Mom on the other hand has been harvesting her lettuce a few leaves a day, and enjoying her Zombie salads!


  1. Nicole Taylor

    I am new to bountiful baskets and I am a little confused about the zombie pack. Will I receive fruits and veggies I can consume or only the roots/seed to grow my own?

  2. Sandi Solverson

    I am loving this issue !! If you click on any of the “Ingredients” list of our Bounties …you’ll find some tips and recipes! Brilliant and lots of work posting these, which I (we) thank you for : )
    I have repurposed my Romaine core before, and its true…within two days, you’ll see new leaves. The kids LOVE this experiment, I highly recommend it.
    For those of you who haven’t yet clicked on Bountiful Baskets posts on Pinterest, go….go now and PIN AWAY!

  3. How do you regrow the pineapple? Shamefully I seem to waste it every time as I really don’t know what to do with it :\

  4. I tried this with the celery in late winter, put it in the ground in early spring and fed a whole family off of it the entire summer. Just bought my first grocery stalk in 5 months. It was a real treat to see it turn into plenty.

  5. I will say, celery is about 50/50 with whether or not it will re root. And about half of those went immediately to seed, but I do have several plants outside right now that have been going strong all summer.

    I just put green onions straight in water and have two different jars right now, put green onion on everything and can’t keep up, it is about 2/3 of the way up my kitchen window…

    Leeks did ok when I took them outside, lettuce does great, especially the living lettuce, I just took the roots how they were and stuck them in the dirt.

    I also have four pineapple plants that are about 18 inches tall in my window. They are kind of lopsided since they are against a window, but they are happy little guys.

    The biggest zombie mystery was how I had 8-10 spaghetti squash (well, super pale green squashes that seemed like spaghetti squash on the inside) grow from compost this year. From compost I got from a friend who didn’t grow or eat spaghetti squash to get seeds into the compost.

    I also have tomato and pepper plants that have sprung out of no where in the middle of my beans (that are still producing a couple beans a day)

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