Peppers – Quick and Easy

Sometimes we get an item that is so ubiquitous that we just don’t think of all the quick and easy things to do with it. Case in point: Bell peppers. Sometimes we get in a rut in our thinking… What do I do with these peppers?  Well, here are some quick and easy ideas from Facebook:

  • Slice them into ‘rings’ and make eggs in them for the kids.
  • Chopped up and thrown into scrambled eggs.
  • Chunky veggie spaghetti sauce… We throw in lots of veggies.
  • They are really yummy dehydrated on salads
  • I am amazed at how they will sit in the fridge until they are slimy if I put them away whole. But if I cut them up they are gone by the end of the day. Kids love to grab and go! Not very inventive just thought I would share.
  • Throw one into a pasta salad.
  • Toss into a green salad.
  • Sneak them into a smoothie.
  • Fajitas, diced and frozen, chili, tacos.
  •  Dice into hamburgers.
  •  Dice into meatloaf.
  • Throw on the grill to roast.
  •  Red pepper and Italian sausage links on hard rolls.
  •  I cut off the top and stuff it with tunafish salad. I use the green ones and eat them together. It is surprisingly good!!
  • I freeze them for corn relish or bread and butter pickles later on in the season.
  •  I also do unstuffed pepper. Chop in pieces instead of stuffing the peppers (I can’t eat a whole one anymore)
  • Slice into quarters, spray with canola or olive oil spray, add a dash of steak seasoning and grill on the BBQ.
  • Peppers, cut off the top fill with dip for veggie platter!
Thanks to Alisha, Cathy, Kate, Karmen, Melanie, Lindsay, Lanette, Jan, Margaret, Miranda, Bryan, and Brenda for sharing your ideas!


  1. Marianne McEwin

    How do you prepare cayenne peppers? Thanks

  2. Can someone help please. What kind of pepper is the long red pepper we received in our baskets this week (optional Mexican theme). I want to make salsa and use what I can, but afraid it my be a real hot one or too mild. Thanks.

  3. Connie Hayes

    Whitney, this is awesome!! Thanks for all the great ideas!!

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