Photos from Participants

Each week we’re thrilled to see how thrilled YOU are with the items you received in your baskets. We never tire of seeing the pictures and feeling your pleasure. We’ve rounded up the pictures you posted this week to share with you. ♥

Organic Basket shared by Rachel S
Conventional Basket shared by Sara R (photo by Joe Y)

Diana K

Daphne G

Gwen H

Kind Veggie

Nicole M

Sara M

Theresa G

Janette M

Conv + Org + Addons Kristen H

Guacamole Pack Caryn B

Omaha Basket Kirsten G

Conventional + Addons Dayle P


  1. I post pictures of what I get in my basket each week on my facebook page. I will also sometimes post pictures of what I use the items for like fruit smoothies and salads.
    I was disappointed to miss out on the tortillas this week (apparently there were none on the truck) but I am looking forward to using the credit once it’s posted to my account. I love Bountiful Baskets.

  2. Where’s mine? =} it all looks great!

  3. We love the Basket it is so Good to have the freshest most nummy vegies and fruit. Also makes us eat healthier as well as trying new items. We LOVE IT !!!!!
    The girls at work get so excited thinking about the basket and getting co-workers to order one.

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