Kisha R’s Story

We are Kyle and Kisha R. We are currently living in Monahans (middle of nowhere), Texas and are both employed as nurses at the local hospital. We have three girls in the picture: from left to right are Lindsey, who is 9 and was born blind (her favorite activity is anything with music); Charlotte, who is 3 and loves dance; and Holly who is 4 and loves playing T-ball and dancing ballet.

My girls love Bountiful Baskets and are always exctied when I come home to see what they get this week. They usually make me laugh with their antics of getting the food they want right away. One week I was unpacking all our fruits and veggies and Holly hopped over to me and informed me she was a bunny – I replied great Holly! She then she informed me very seriously that bunnies eat carrots so she needed one now. I had to laugh and fork over a carrot!

One of the main reasons I love Bountiful Baskets is because I always felt like I had to ration our fruits and veggies in the past. We only have a small grocery store here so produce is expensive and doesn’t last very long. When I did buy it I didn’t want it gone the next day or even worse I didn’t want it going bad. Now my kids eat as much fruit as they want because I can afford it, so they are happier and healthier!

We have had wonderful experiences with Bountiful Baskets. My oldest daughter Lindsey was born blind and one of her activities at school is learing about her world. She spent a week learning about the feel, smell, and taste of different foods. After that week everytime we would go to the grocery store we would go to the produce to touch and smell the produce. With Bountiful Baskets she now gets a larger variety of food to learn about and is becoming more aware of things around her.


  1. Candice have you thought of sharing with the senior center in your area, or even the food bank. If you have a little extra that you know you wont be able to use or maybe not like. The way I look at it, you get a lot more for your money at Bountiful Baskets, and maybe you could find another to share with, or gift to someone in need.

  2. Julie Ann

    Candace – ever try preserving food to keep it for longer? It doesn’t take but a bit of preparation and at the worst – a freezer 😉 Fruit? freeze it. Vegetables? blanch and freeze ’em. Too much bread? freeze it (or make bread pudding, then freeze some of that 😉
    Be like our ancestors and preserve your bounty!

  3. Wish you had half orders. As a single person I ended up throwing away half as I could not eat it all. No I dont have any one to share with. Doubt I will be doing this again

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