Bountiful Baskets Wisdom

Are you familiar with Jennifer Lawson - aka "The Bloggess"? Juanita the Weasel is becoming an internet meme...

Val Wise shared this on our Facebook page, and it is too cute NOT to share!

Reasons to be a BB participant:

    1. Fantastic value!

  1. Someone else does my shopping for me!! (We adopted 4 kids, I can use all the help I can get) We now get our produce & bread from BB, go to the meat market once a month to buy a “package” of meat (all packaged, labeled and ready for the freezer) and Costco once a month for a few other things. Before I was going to a grocery store twice a week (and you know how that goes with kids, all sorts of things in your basket you didn’t intend to buy). So BB is helping to save even more money by keeping me out of the regular grocery store.
  2. Produce hasn’t been handled by a bunch of people in the grocery store poking and prodding to check freshness.
  3. Produce is fresher and lasts longer than what the stores sell.
  4. You get a great variety, I’ve been participating for a few months now and every week there’s been something “new” in the basket that I’ve never cooked before and have had a great time trying the new items.
  5. There are things that I don’t buy because I don’t like them (or are simply to expensive), but the kids do. With bountiful baskets they get those things (like mushrooms, YUCK!)
  6. The kids are grabbing a piece of fruit instead of a cookie
  7. Volunteers get a free workout :O)
  8. Meeting the other great volunteers
  9. Feeling like it’s Christmas every Saturday morning.

I imagine I’m forgetting something, but I’m sure people will add to my list (like Norman and his blueberry bacon)

Reasons NOT to be a BB participant:

  1. You like spending your time in the grocery store (especially those lines)
  2. You have money to waste
  3. You live in CA and have no choice


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