Cindy C.’s Story

Hey blogging world. I am a 36 year old mother of 4 who has a passion for travel, photography, cooking and writing (with two books and a blog in the works). For my “day job” I work as a reservations agent for an airline which gives me many opportunities to travel and try out new cuisines. Prior to working for the airline I stayed home with my kiddo’s for 5 years and worked as a NICU nurse for 5 years. When I am not taking actual adventures I enjoy taking adventures of the palate. I love trying new flavors and working them into my everyday cooking.

Bountiful Baskets came into my life when I was weighted down by the everyday pressures of being the mom and CEO of our household. I have loved the simplicity of someone else picking out my produce. Before Bountiful Baskets I would struggle to find an entree to prepare and then throw a vegetable at it as an afterthought. Now I pick up my basket and plan my meals around what the basket has to offer.

Having dealt with depression for 7+ years now I am trying to incorporate an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle into my daily routine. I know that the food we eat affects every aspect of our being. I hope you will come along with me on my journey to find happiness through food, yoga and meditation.

My recipes will explore new flavors, bring back some of the old favorites and hopefully express my excitement for getting into a mindful state as you prepare your meals and serve them up to your family. Composing a meal can be every bit a work of art as dancing ballet. Center yourself and as Sarah Ban Brethnach put it, get ready to become an “artist of the everyday.

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