Debby M.’s Story

My name is Debby and I have always felt that good food was meant to be shared.  When I was a child, I received a Betty Crocker Children’s Cookbook as a gift. Little did I know that cooking and cookbooks would grow to be my favorite things!   I  am an avid cookbook collector.  I read cookbooks from cover to cover!

My grandparents moved to Arizona in the 1930’s and brought with them southern and Texan style recipes.  There is always a pitcher of southern sweet tea in my kitchen and cookies in the jar. After several health incidents in our family, I have revised our foods and developed healthier meals focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables. In the past, we enjoyed southern fried foods and have since found that healthy eating using Bountiful Basket produce as our base, have greatly improved our life.

I have experimented with recipes and found it a great joy to work with the fresh foods that we get each week from Bountiful Baskets. My love of cooking and fresh foods has given us a healthier and happier way of life.  I hope you will enjoy the recipes and ideas I share!

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