Cathy A.’s Story

Because I am older than many of the other bloggers, I guess you could say I have been cooking for over 50 years. OUCH,  Many things I learned from my Mom, and many others by reading cookbooks.  I have cooked for large ranch crews and family, now down to my husband and myself.   I have always gone toward good simple recipes and cooking, but after being introduced to Bountiful Baskets about 2 and 1/2 years ago,  we began eating a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables.  About 18 months ago, we decided to remove as much processed food, white flour and sugar as was possible from our diet.  Many of the current recipes I am working with reflect the new way we are eating.  Bountiful Baskets has been a wonderful help with our new way of eating.  My love of cooking and our fresh foods has given me a reason, to look for new recipes and ways to use food, that I would not have given any thought to a few years ago.


  1. Janet Ortega

    Gee, I didn’t think serving up a healthy dinner would be that big of a deal. I had been single for a long time (off and on) and always cooked for myself. Some of my family were on the large size and I always tried to eat healthy to keep my weight down. When I got married 3 years ago, my husband wasn’t used to this type of food but he did say he never refuses what’s put before him, he said it was rude to refuse food. Then after some health problems and a colonoscopy came out really well he thanked me for keeping him healthy! I just think that if husbands don’t want to eat what’s put before them, they can go elsewhere lol.

  2. Chris Evans

    I too would be interested in how you convinced your spouse to change his eating habits.

    But I also concur with you…I grew up cooking for farmhands, we rarely had fewer than 8 or 9 at the table–or in the field at harvest time–and it’s impossible for me to cook for 4. I dread the time when the kids are in college and I have to try to cook for just 2!

  3. Kathy Ahrendt

    How did you change your eating habits? well actually how did you convince your husband to change his? My daughter and I would love to change to better foods but our husbands won’t budge! they both hate vegetables! live on soda’s and processed foods. They think Mc Donalds should be put on the food pyramid.

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