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Grilled Fajitas

In the 1930’s, cattle ranchers on the vast ranch lands of South and West Texas inadvertently began one of the most popular traditions in Western cuisine. The ranchers would often allow beef to be butchered for the workers during round-ups and drives. Unwanted parts such as the head, hide, and […]

A Trio of Salsa

Last Monday I contributed for the Guacamole add on, and started to dream about rich, creamy guacamole. On Saturday I picked up my Guacamole pack and looked through the bag; avocados, green onion, jalapenos, cilantro, limes and another bag. Inside that bag was a treasure that I was not expecting; […]

Peppers – Quick and Easy

Sometimes we get an item that is so ubiquitous that we just don’t think of all the quick and easy things to do with it. Case in point: Bell peppers. Sometimes we get in a rut in our thinking… What do I do with these peppers?  Well, here are some […]

The Anatomy of a Mango Salsa

It’s alluring… It could be savory, or sweet, but seems somewhat risky in comparison to whipping together a regular pico de gallo. It sounds very sophisticated, but you may be still intimidated.  We are here to help you untangle the anatomy of a mango salsa!

Tangy Orange Ketchup

One of the blessings I’ve gotten from participating with Bountiful Baskets is the ability to change my family’s opinion about food. In the three years that I’ve been participating and volunteering (and running my own site, and facilitating many other sites in my state), my family has stopped eating at […]

Grilling for All Seasons

I realize it may not seem like the time of year to post grilling ideas.  I am a believer though in year round outdoor grilling and BBQing.  One of my favorite episodes from the 80’s classic the Cosby Show is when Cliff decides to have a BBQ in the middle […]

The Clean Out the Fridge Scramble

A few months ago I had a driver arrive at my site and ask where the woman in charge was.  When I told him I was the man in charge the driver responded, “Usually there is a women in charge, are you sure you know what you are doing?”