Produce 101

Potato Fennel Cheese Soup

Tuesdays are particularly fun at our house!  There’s piano lessons, and of course it is produce ordering night.  This particular Tuesday was a special sort of challenge.  It involved fence defying goats, hopping fences after them, trudging through recently irrigated muddy mosquito filled pastures, getting the little Ms. Special Pants, […]

Chipping, carrots that is!

  I found myself trading avocados a couple baskets ago for some extra carrots. Not realizing at the time I had 2 one pound bags already. Now what can I do with them???? I know carrot chips. There is nothing like homemade chips of any kind and carrots are one […]

Black Mamba jam – an exclusive!

I’m always on the hunt for a new jam since I opened my cottage food business… or since I started my garden. No, maybe since I decided my life’s goal was to become a mad scientist in the kitchen… that sounds more like it.  It’s amazing how I just drool […]

Plummy Passion Pack – July 2013

As you go through your Plummy Passion Pack it’s fun to identify what you are eating!  It’s a family tradition in our house to cut one of each type into small chunks and try each type.  Each person chooses their favorite!  Have fun with your pack!

Radicchio – An Acerbic Gem

Radicchio is a bitter “green” that is part of the chicory family. Eaten raw, it has an acerbic quality that benefits from strong additions such as blue cheese, balsamic vinegar, citrus, and nuts. The flavor will mellow when grilled or roasted. In Italy, the green is usually brushed with olive […]

Rainbow Carrots- A royal treat

The carrots that lent a great pop of color to the veggie baskets today are no modern innovation.  In fact, the original color of the carrot was deep purple- not the orange we all expect.  The orange carrot that we know and love is actually the result of a royal […]


For centuries farmers have used nature to predict the length, intensity, and possible struggles of the upcoming seasons. Bushy or flat squirrel tails, curly or straight sheep’s wool, light or dark leaves, cows that are lying or standing in the fields, and of course a groundhog that does or does […]

Fruit of the Angels– Papaya (Papaw, Pawpaw)

One of the exciting things about Bountiful Baskets is the occasional opportunity to try new fruits and vegetables. Once in a while, something really unique and unavailable in my Northern neck of the middle-of-nowhere woods Great Plains shows up in the basket. Today’s basket was one of those baskets! Papaya. […]

Roasting Pumpkins & Winter Squash

With Fall quickly upon us and all  the lovely pumpkins and squash available in the Harvest packs, I couldn’t resist roasting one. The process is simple, and the results are well worth the effort.  No more canned pumpkin puree for me!

A Food for the Gods

Think back over the basket contents of the last few months and ask yourself which item would be worthy enough to be used as currency in ancient Egypt and carried on golden platters as an offering to the Greek Gods. Many tantalizing and exotic fruits including pomegranates, mangoes, perhaps even […]