Produce 101

Champagne Grapes 101

What’s in my basket? Did you pick up your basket this morning and after examining the contents ask yourself, “What in the world is that and what am I supposed to do with it?” Well, I’m here to give you a tip or two on what to do with that […]

BANANAS for Bananas!

One of the most consistent items in our baskets from week to week is BANANAS! So, what do you know about bananas? Here’s a fun little FAQ I have assembled about bananas for you! Bananas are one of the oldest cultivated plants, and are grown in over 100 countries. Bountiful […]

Apple Pears – or Asian Pears

Apple pears, also known as Asian pears, are the light-yellow or tan colored apple shaped fruit we saw in our baskets last week. Do you have any left? I know that in my house they disappear within minutes of hitting the kitchen, because there are few more refreshingly flavored fruits […]

Herbs Are Your Friend

by Lisa Y Occasionally we are fortunate to have the option of adding an herb pack to our Bountiful Baskets. One thing I noticed the last time we had this offering was the hesitation of so many who have never used fresh herbs, either because of fear of the unknown, […]

Galia Melon

If your favorite Bountiful Baskets site is anything like mine, the question of the day was “What type of melon is this?” The Galia melon’s beautiful name comes from the original grower’s daughter, and its beautiful flavor comes from its parents- the cantaloupe and the honeydew. While that original melon […]

Radicchio 101

Radicchio is hard to say but not hard to enjoy.  For the record it is pronounced rah-DEE-kee-oh.  It is a member of the chicory family, and hales from Italy but is currently grown in New Jersey, California, Mexico and Italy.   The most common varieties in the United States are […]


In 1905 California was experiencing a labor shortage. It is said that in an attempt to bring in his crop before it spoiled, plum grower Martin Seely paid to have 500 monkeys shipped from Panama to his fields in the Santa Clara Valley. He divided the primates into groups of […]

Cherries, Cherries, Cherries

What do glass soda bottles- small plastics screws- and mops have in common? Cherry season of course! Still confused? Let me explain. My husband hails from the cherry-laden lands of Washington state and he knows a good cherry recipe when he tastes one. So it was pretty much a requirement […]

Cilantro 101

Cilantro can be found in Mexican, Asian and Caribbean cooking.  Like many fresh herbs, cilantro possesses several health benefits.  Cilantro is virtually calorie and fat free bringing only 5 calories to the table for 9 sprigs!  Fortunately, those nine sprigs are packed full or beta-carotene which is a necessary precursor […]

Mangoes 101

Mangoes are one of the more exotic fruits we see in our baskets. When they are in season, generally in the late spring and fall, we can get cases of them as a add-on. There are usually two types of mangoes available to us commercially, the Tommy Atkins, which are […]