Spaghetti Squash 101

Spaghetti squash

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The spaghetti squash (Cucurbita pepo) (also called vegetable spaghetti, noodle squash, spaghetti marrow, squaghetti, gold string melon (金糸瓜 (kinshi uri) in Japanese) is anoblong seed-bearing variety of winter squash. The fruit can range either from ivory to yellow or orange in color. The orange varieties have higher carotene content. Its center contains many large seeds. Its flesh is bright yellow or orange. When raw, the flesh is solid and similar to other raw squash; when cooked, the flesh falls away from the fruit in ribbons or strands like spaghetti.
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Blueberry 101

By Jeanne Gibbons

The summer fruit season marches on, from strawberries to the equally delicate blueberry.  Blueberries are so versatile. You could make a jam from them, add them fresh to salads, make heavenly blueberry muffins or reduce them down to a savory glaze for pork.  But when you pick up a couple flats of blueberries, it’s sometimes difficult to use them all before they become mushy.  That is where proper handling and freezing techniques come into play.
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