Ham Pinwheels

Wrap pinwheel recipes are quick and fun to make.  You can include your family in the assembly of these yummy pinwheels!  I make them when I know I have lots of family and visitors coming.  They are easy to eat and don’t require a lot of work.  You can wrap a variety of ingredients to make great pinwheel appetizers.  They are also a quick addition to a lunchtime salad or just to eat for lunch. I like to use the spinach or herb wraps to make these.
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My family loves chimichangas.  They can be made with chicken, beef, pork, or just veggie. These are great to make with the wrap pack add-on.  Use the spicy wraps as your base.  If you have leftover chicken, roast, or hamburger, these are easy to assemble and have for dinner. These can also be made and frozen for  later.  They are spicy, warm, and delicious, if you are craving chimis!
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Breakfast Wraps

Breakfast wraps are healthy, fast, convenient, and yummy!  I like to make my wraps with scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, cheese, veggies, and salsa.  There are many varieties of breakfast wraps.  I like to use the wrap add-on pack and make scrambled egg wraps to freeze.  After I wrap them, I roll them up in waxed paper, put them in a ziplock baggie, label and date them, and freeze.   Continue reading “Breakfast Wraps”

Hummus Wraps

I love using hummus in wraps!  Spreading hummus on the spinach or herb wraps makes a tasty base for any add ons.  You can add turkey or ham slices or just make them veggie.  I like to spread on the hummus and add chopped black olives.  You can be inventive and add your own ingredients to these!  Enjoy!
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Debra – Pizza and a Movie

We do love to have Friday night Pizza and a Movie nights in this household.  With five kids, the biggest thing to do is to get lots of food, and to find a movie everyone enjoys.

This recipe is for a fairly simple pizza sauce, but one that definitely includes plenty of veggies.  It is one way to sneak some extra vegetables into my husband (my children don’t need to be fooled!)  Feel free to adjust what you add based on what you have on hand.  I use other bell pepper colors, and I usually use far more garlic.  If you skip the carrot, you may need to add some sugar.
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Tomato Basil Wraps – What do you do with yours?

Have you had the chance to get the wrap packs that have been offered as an add-on? I bought a pack a few weeks ago not really knowing what I would do with them. Now that I am doing this weight loss challenge I needed to find something easy for me to make for my lunch that is filling. I love salads but, you can only eat so many salads in a week before you just want to sink your teeth into something else!
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