Using Your Basket

Pressure Canning Safety Tips

To most people these may look like simple jars of home-canned pinto beans, but to me these beans are much more.  These jars celebrate an anniversary of sorts.  More importantly they are a symbol of my own courage and strength; and a reminder of  important lessons learned.  Too much for a […]


Forty-eight cobs of corn! That’s a lot to eat at one sitting. Looking for ways to preserve this wonderful sweet corn for when it’s out of season? Freezing it, on and off the cob, is an easy way to save the harvest. Corn, and most fruits and vegetables, has enzymes […]

Pantry Essentials

I have been participating in Bountiful Baskets for almost three years now. For my family it is not just a way to get our produce; it has become a lifestyle. We are more educated, healthier, and have more opportunities to serve because of this program. I have noticed that even […]

Produce Storage

Artichoke Refrigerate whole for up to two weeks. Asparagus Store upright in the refrigerator in a plastic bag with either an inch of water or with a damp towel wrapped around the base, just like you would have flowers in a vase. They’ll last three to four days that way. […]

Baby steps toward better eating!

Often it’s small changes made one at a time that add up to a lifestyle shift!  It’s less painful and is more likely to be something you continue with over the long haul too. Here are some ideas from our Facebook page that are great baby steps!

Canning and Bountiful Baskets

I am thrilled that Jeanne Gibbons, who participates with Bountiful Baskets in Arizona, is willing to share her experience with us when it comes to food, and especially, canning. Jeanne is a fount of knowledge when it comes to food preservation, which she often shares on our Facebook page. Without further […]

Corn is ready for seasoning and eating!

Shucking Corn

Thanks Lisa J. for posting this on the Facebook page! A new easy tip to cook corn (save the beautiful red coloring) it works on all corn, takes the hair and husk right off. 1. Put whole ear of corn into micro. for 2 – 4 minutes with the husk […]

Where Do Abandoned Baskets Go?

One of the saddest phone calls I get as an area coordinator is from a VSC reporting that someone hasn’t picked up their produce within the pickup window.  Our awesome VSCs make every effort to call and try and reach participants to ensure they receive what they contributed for, but […]

Where does Bountiful Produce come from?

If you look out your window and there is snow covering the ground, or you note that your plants are withering in 115 degree heat we probably are not getting a lot of produce from where you are right now. Does that mean never? No… That means not right now. […]