The Anatomy of a Mango Salsa

It’s alluring… It could be savory, or sweet, but seems somewhat risky in comparison to whipping together a regular pico de gallo. It sounds very sophisticated, but you may be still intimidated.  We are here to help you untangle the anatomy of a mango salsa!
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Cilantro 101

Cilantro can be found in Mexican, Asian and Caribbean cooking.  Like many fresh herbs, cilantro possesses several health benefits.  Cilantro is virtually calorie and fat free bringing only 5 calories to the table for 9 sprigs!  Fortunately, those nine sprigs are packed full or beta-carotene which is a necessary precursor to vitamin A and can be stored up unlike vitamin A, and Vitamin K which contributes to proper blood clotting and bone formation.  According to the National Cancer Institute cilantro is an herb with anti-cancer properties.  In naturopathic medicine it is known as a blood cleaning herb that can help detoxify you.
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