Pear-Lime Water Infusion

Infusing fruit flavors into water is one trick I use it make water just a little more fun. Our bodies need to replenish water that is lost due to perspiration, through regular trips to the bathroom, and even through breathing. Dehydration, even mild, can be the cause for fatigue, dry skin, headaches, The amount of water differs for each person but following the simple, 8-8 rule… Eight glasses of eight ounce fluids is a great idea.
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Apple Pears – or Asian Pears

By advencap via Wikimedia Commons

Apple pears, also known as Asian pears, are the light-yellow or tan colored apple shaped fruit we saw in our baskets last week. Do you have any left? I know that in my house they disappear within minutes of hitting the kitchen, because there are few more refreshingly flavored fruits around. Crisp like an apple, these fruit keep well for ten to fourteen days in your refrigerator. They are picked when they are ripe on the tree and are ready for eating immediately unlike the European pears we are used to seeing. If you let them sit until they are soft, they will have a winey, fermented unpleasant flavor. Eat them when they are still crisp, and have that fresh, fruity fragrance.
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