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Not Yo ‘ Normal Nacho

  Admit it you love a crunchy, salty, sweet, and spicy snack.  Guess what?  ME TOO!!  And one of my all time faves is the fabulous NACHO.  A crisp corn tortilla chip topped with all the sassy southwest flavors it can handle has been my answer to many a Saturday […]

Boxed Dinner Revolution- Asian Style

  Boxed foods seem to have gotten a pretty bad rap lately.  People complain that they are full of sodium, lacking on nutrients, void of color, and totally missing true flavors.  Recently though, it seems my best meals have come from a box…a big brown Bountiful Baskets Super box to […]

Asian Pack – Recipe Roundup

by Amaree M The first two recipes are a couple of my favorites– The first recipe is my modification of one of my favorite salads I eat at a local restaraunt called Rikki’s. I craved it throughout my pregnancy with my daughter. The second recipe is a salad that my […]