Not Yo ‘ Normal Nacho

Asian Nachos


Admit it you love a crunchy, salty, sweet, and spicy snack.  Guess what?  ME TOO!!  And one of my all time faves is the fabulous NACHO.  A crisp corn tortilla chip topped with all the sassy southwest flavors it can handle has been my answer to many a Saturday night junk food craving.  I’ve felt that my culinary creativity comes through as I mix up the toppings, and trade out salsas and sauces.  But, when my Super Asian Pack box arrived I realized my creativity has been limited.  Why keep the nacho stuck in the America’s?  I gave that dish a face lift that sent it to the Far East.  And the results were completely irresistible. Continue reading “Not Yo ‘ Normal Nacho”

Boxed Dinner Revolution- Asian Style

Baked WonTon with Blackberry Asian Dipping Sauce and Broccoli Slaw


Boxed foods seem to have gotten a pretty bad rap lately.  People complain that they are full of sodium, lacking on nutrients, void of color, and totally missing true flavors.  Recently though, it seems my best meals have come from a box…a big brown Bountiful Baskets Super box to be exact.  Apparently I am a Sucker for a Super Pack.  The Super Bowl Hostess Pack was a definite win, the Valentine Super Pack melted my heart, and now the Super Asian Pack is sending my taste buds on an all-expense-paid trip to the Orient.  I figure I will get two or even three full meals out of this fabulous box and I can guarantee all of these “boxed meals” will be chock full of flavor, nutrients, and vibrant colors! Continue reading “Boxed Dinner Revolution- Asian Style”

Asian Pack – Recipe Roundup

by Amaree M

The first two recipes are a couple of my favorites– The first recipe is my modification of one of my favorite salads I eat at a local restaraunt called Rikki’s. I craved it throughout my pregnancy with my daughter. The second recipe is a salad that my mom made for my sisters and my triple wedding reception (yes, 3 of us got married within 7 weeks of each other. Crazy summer!). It is a favorite!
I have never made Kimchi (yet!), but I do enjoy a good Kimchi stirfry.

Continue reading “Asian Pack – Recipe Roundup”