General Info

Produce Storage

Artichoke Refrigerate whole for up to two weeks. Asparagus Store upright in the refrigerator in a plastic bag with either an inch of water or with a damp towel wrapped around the base, just like you would have flowers in a vase. They’ll last three to four days that way. […]

Where Do Abandoned Baskets Go?

One of the saddest phone calls I get as an area coordinator is from a VSC reporting that someone hasn’t picked up their produce within the pickup window.  Our awesome VSCs make every effort to call and try and reach participants to ensure they receive what they contributed for, but […]

Where does Bountiful Produce come from?

If you look out your window and there is snow covering the ground, or you note that your plants are withering in 115 degree heat we probably are not getting a lot of produce from where you are right now. Does that mean never? No… That means not right now. […]