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Pickled Jalapenos

Melinda U shared this one: This is a super easy idea but I want to share it as everyone who tries it loves this (my son says they are addictive!). PrintPickled Jalapenos IngredientsSliced jalapeno peppers 1-1/4 cup vinegar 1/4 cup salt 1/4 cup sugar Instructionsthinly sliced jalapenos, seeds and all […]

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Katherine Alice’s Story

Suzy Homemaker I’m not. In fact, who has time to be “her” these days? With a 40-hour work week, and all the quick-fix micro meals and the mass of merchandise available in big box stores, the domestic arts are going the way of the dinosaur. But not if I have […]

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Jessica H’s Story

I am a semi-retired English teacher by trade, a wife to the most patient guy I know, a mother of two beautiful children–a 3 year-old girl and a 3-month-old boy, and a foodie by heart. I am thrilled to be able to combine my passion for words that being a […]

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Cindy C.’s Story

Hey blogging world. I am a 36 year old mother of 4 who has a passion for travel, photography, cooking and writing (with two books and a blog in the works). For my “day job” I work as a reservations agent for an airline which gives me many opportunities to travel […]

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Lilibeth U.’s Story

I am in love with food. When asked, “What is your favorite food?” My answer is, “Yes.” As a mother and wife in our family of five (plus a few four-legged loved ones) food is a constant focal point of our day. Most recently, because I am a breast cancer […]

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Debra B.’s Story

On the plains of Eastern Colorado, my primary job is homeschooling my five children, ages seven to sixteen. The whole family stays busy with Scouts, American Heritage Girls, church, and other assorted activities. Getting wholesome, real food on a reasonably consistent basis without spending a fortune is always a priority. […]

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Cathy A.’s Story

Because I am older than many of the other bloggers, I guess you could say I have been cooking for over 50 years. OUCH,  Many things I learned from my Mom, and many others by reading cookbooks.  I have cooked for large ranch crews and family, now down to my […]