Super Easy Butternut Bacon Tart

 Butternut squash is one of my favorite vegetables. There are so many ways to use it, savory or sweet. This is a fancy looking but easy way that uses puff pastry shells from the store. Add you favorite salad and you have a wonderful meal.
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Preserving your Green Chiles

We’ve all been there. Its 4:45, you’re trying to get supper together and in the oven, and you need a can of green chiles…but there are none in the pantry! So, stock up on roasted green chiles in the freezer when you can! I love using them fresh, but sometimes I spend a day putting them up for later when they are offered by the case. Continue reading “Preserving your Green Chiles”

Volunteer Spotlight: Melissa Z. at the Shepherd Volunteer Fire Department, Shepherd, MT

Melissa recently took on the role of Volunteer Site Coordinator when she moved from Billings to Shepherd.  She jumped right in when she heard that the site was on the verge of closing.  The former Volunteer Site Coordinator had family obligations and could no longer volunteer her time.  Melissa and her family are the kindest and most caring and welcoming people I know!
When/ how did you begin participating with Bountiful Baskets?
We started contributing way back when Vitality was the only site in Billings.
Why did you become a Site Coordinator?
We started our original site at 9th and Poly; Back then baskets became available, at noon on Monday, and they were gone in 5 minutes.  It was like buying concert tickets.  I thought the only way I am going to get a basket is if I open a site!
What is your favorite part about Bountiful Baskets?
 Never knowing what you are going to get!  It’s always a surprise!
What is your favorite part about volunteering/running a site?
 The community.  It’s more then just fruits and veggies; it’s getting to know your neighbor, whether standing in line or working side by side filling baskets.
What are your favorite basket items?
 Everything but mostly berries of any kind!
Tell us a little about your site & your co-Volunteer Site Coordinator.
We closed our site at 9th and Poly when we moved from Billings up here to Shepherd.  The Shepherd site is located at the Firehouse where myself, my husband and my son are all volunteers of the department.
How has BB changed your life?
Bountiful Baskets is great for cutting our grocery budget as well as assisting with a healthier lifestyle.
What do you do when you’re not doing BB?
 Watching our kids grow up and building our house; both a never ending job!
Tell us a little about your family.
 Our oldest, Jessica,  just got married in January
Our middle, Andrew, actually was the first pilot car driver for Bountiful Baskets in the Billings area. Now he is starting to ride bare back broncs.  Which makes me crazy to watch
Our youngest, Veronica, never seems to be in one spot long. Wow teenagers….
If you could have 1 super power… what would it be?
 As I get older it would be an ‘energy’ super power!



Celebrate Pi Day with breakfast Asparagus Pie!

I love to celebrate pi day by eating pie for breakfast!  In previous years, I’ve had banana cream pie, chocolate pie, or apple pie.  I decided to go a little more adult route this year and celebrate the asparagus that is abundant in my fridge right now.  When my daughter saw breakfast she was disappointed that it wasn’t “real pie” but then inhaled it and asked for seconds.

Okay so this is probably technically a quiche but I’m not going to be so serious about such things.  Once you try it, I think we can agree that it is delicious cheesy asparagus goodness. Continue reading “Celebrate Pi Day with breakfast Asparagus Pie!”

Refreshing Cucumber Salad

This is my daughter’s favorite salad, she literally licks the plate clean when I make it.  I love it because it is crisp and refreshing and comes together easily.  The combination of flavors is really nice – the sweetness from the sugar, tartness from vinegar, a little salt and a hint of spice. Continue reading “Refreshing Cucumber Salad”

Wonton Taco Rolls

I have been really geeking out on making plans for my Asian pack.  So many yummy options, so little time.  I finally executed some of those ideas tonight.  This was a great week night dinner because it came together quickly and the result was delicious.  It was so good that my five year old was angry that she got two and her dad put SEVEN (yes, seven) on his plate.  She quickly snatched two from his plate for herself.

In addition to being easy and scrumptious, this recipe is really adaptable.  A lot of times I feel like I don’t make “recipes”, I just have concepts that I use to fit whatever ingredients I have on hand.  This is one of those “recipes”.  I am just laying the framework but it is super flexible.  I used ground turkey because I had it in the fridge but any ground or shredded meat would be splendid and I used bell pepper because I needed to use them up but any number of vegetables would be fantastic (carrots, celery, peas, etc). Continue reading “Wonton Taco Rolls”

Asian Inspired Stuffed Peppers–In the crockpot

Asian Stuffed Peppers

I can use one or two peppers in a week, but 6, that’s a little more tricky. When BB gives me an abundance of bell peppers, stuffed peppers are really the only option. So it was, slated for tonight’s dinner on the ol’ meal plan. We had already had several tomato-based dinners this week (chili–which we ate twice, spaghetti squash spaghetti, and pizza), so I thought I’d give my husband’s heartburn a break and make stuffed peppers flavored with soy sauce, brown sugar, and ginger instead of tomato paste, borrowing flavors from my favorite halloween meal, dinner in a pumpkin. It was actually pretty tasty and healthy too! Continue reading “Asian Inspired Stuffed Peppers–In the crockpot”

Mandarin Kuchen

I was fortunate to live with my grandmother for 4 years during college. In the span of these years we spent much of our time talking about or making some family favorite foods! One of my FAVORITE desserts she would prepare was Kuchen.

It would never fail, she would bake two or 3 Kuchen’s on the one weekend I worked or was out of town! Now, I’m not complaining as I definetly reaped the benefits of her labor. However, she passed in 2013. We have scoured her recipe cards and many cook books and none of them indicated a recipe she used! For the past few year I have been trying out a few variations and finally have a Kuchen Recipe that is comparable to hers!

I hope you enjoy this little slice of Heavenly Kuchen with a twist- Mandarin Oranges!! Continue reading “Mandarin Kuchen”

Its Time for Migas Y’all

I’m taking y’all on a trip down to sunny Austin, TX for a traditional Tex Mex breakfast. You can step into nearly any self-respecting breakfast establishment in Austin and order Migas. This is the way that I make Migas but it can be made in a variety of ways.  The key is to scramble eggs with corn tortillas and some veggies. The result is always flavorful, comforting and a great way to start the day. Continue reading “Its Time for Migas Y’all”

Jalapeno Popper Pizza

I’m OBSESSED with the pizza rounds.  I maxed out on my first contribution because I knew that they would make easy lunches for my daughter but I find myself using them all the time for dinners instead.  Anytime I don’t feel like cooking, I pull out the pizza rounds and top them with some ingredients out of the fridge.  This pizza was a little more planned than my typical.  As soon as I saw those beautiful jalapeños in the basket, I wanted to make a pizza inspired by one of my favorite appetizers – jalapeño poppers.

One of my favorite things about the pizza rounds is that everyone in the family can have a pizza tweaked to their preference.  I didn’t put jalapeños on my daughters because she doesn’t care for the heat but I really loaded up hubby’s pizza with the jalapeños.  I was somewhere in between. Continue reading “Jalapeno Popper Pizza”