Side Dish

Sautéed Spinach

Hi everyone! I’m Laura and I’ve got my first recipe to share today. In this week’s basket there were 2 lovely bunches of spinach. I had a bit of green onion left over from last week and decided to combine the two for a new take on my classic sautéed […]

Using The Entire Juice Pack

The Juice pack was introduced in January to  provide those participants that wanted to do a juice fast an easy and affordable option; for many it was a chance to add some extra fruits and veggies to their dinner table.  I tried juicing and actually liked some of the concoctions […]

Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes

PrintGreen Beans with Cherry Tomatoes Prep Time: Cook Time: Ingredients1 1/2 lb green beans, cut into 2 inch pieces 1 1/2 C water 1/4 C butter 1 T sugar 1/2 t garlic powder 3 fresh basil leaves, torn into small pieces 1 C cherry tomatoes salt and pepper to tasteInstructionsPut […]

Grilled Celery

This post is more of an idea than a recipe.  I love to experiment with cooking different things on the grill.  When I decided to experiment with celery, I tried 2 ways. First, I put oil and seasonings into a bowl together.  For the seasonings, I used a little black […]

Grilled Baby Bok Choy

  PrintGrilled Baby Bok Choy Ingredients1 T Rice Vinegar 1 t Sriracha (or other hot sauce) 1.5 t brown sugar 1 t sesame oil Salt and Pepper 1 Baby Bok ChoyInstructionsThis amount is good for 1 baby bok choy – if you have more, just double (or triple or quadruple) […]

Potato-Leek NOT soup

  I love, love, love potatoes.  No really- hubby vs. a beautiful, loaded, baked potato I honestly don’t know which would win my affections.  (rest assured kids vs. potato?  I would of course choose the kids). The potato is so versatile- it can be the star of the show or […]