Canning Lid Tarts

“Use it up- wear it out- make it do or do without”. This old pioneer adage is repeated so often in my house my kids start rolling their eyes before I even get to the “up”. I try to make it apply to school supplies, new clothes, cars, and even […]

Oik Cookies

Last night, my son had a serious cookie craving.  Too bad I had almost no cookie-making ingredients!  I decided that I would try a flourless, low sugar oatmeal cookie (mostly because I had no flour and hardly any sugar), and after discovering I was out of raisins, I substituted dried […]

Cuckoo For CoCoNut (Oil that is)

The last two months have brought about great changes in my kitchen. We have recently discovered that many of my 7-year-old’s chronic pain issues are due to numerous, severe allergies- both food and environmental. I was already committed to having a “non-processed” pantry and she was already gluten-free so I […]

Cherry Clafoutis: Easier than it Sounds!

I am a much better cook than I am baker, so I love it when I can make an impressive sounding dessert without needing any serious pastry skills. A cherry clafoutis fits the bill perfectly. It sounds like it takes a lot of effort, and well, it doesn’t. I recently […]

Beyond the Burrito – The great Bountiful Baskets Tortilla

Few participants realize what high food standards are set by Bountiful Baskets founders Sally and Tanya. Both of these women have educated themselves on healthy food options and have made solid commitments to only feed their families the most natural ingredients possible. When ordering the delicious breads, cookies, and granolas […]

Rustic Desserts

As someone who loves to spend a lot of time creating many different types of dishes I am always a little saddened when people cubbyhole themselves into one type of cookery. I often hear people place themselves in either the “cook” or the “baker” group and they are reluctant to […]

Peach Crisp

I love this versatile recipe!  Most tree fruits do well and you can feel free to combine fruits to make it more interesting! PrintPeach Crisp IngredientsEnough peaches to fill your pan nearly to the top when cut up Enough flour to fully coat your peaches Enough Bountiful baskets Granola to […]