Beyond the Burrito – The great Bountiful Baskets Tortilla

Few participants realize what high food standards are set by Bountiful Baskets founders Sally and Tanya. Both of these women have educated themselves on healthy food options and have made solid commitments to only feed their families the most natural ingredients possible. When ordering the delicious breads, cookies, and granolas that we have all come to rely upon, Sally and Tanya make sure that they follow one policy “If we won’t feed it to our family, we won’t offer it to yours”. They work closely with supplying bakeries to create recipes that only include ingredients that can be found in a typical, home-kitchen. As Sally puts it “We question everything that goes in. If they can’t tell us what it is and why it’s needed we make sure it’s not included. Fillers, preservatives- all that stuff is kept out. We can’t guarantee that [cookies and cakes] won’t make you fat but we can promise that it’s not full of yucky chemicals that you can’t pronounce”.
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