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End of Summer Smoothie

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

“Put the lime in the cucumber…”.  Okay, not quite, but close.  And delicious.

I recently read a recipe for a cucumber lime smoothie and it took the top spot on my “must try” list.  And then, AMAZING!  We got both cucumbers and limes in our basket today!  I came home and immediately threw the ingredients into my blender.  I changed the recipe a little bit (it’s a compulsion) and I’m sure you could adapt this pretty easily to your preferences.  I love the simplicity of the ingredients, and it tastes light, refreshing, and happy.  Today might be the first day of fall, but it still feels like summer and I’m soaking in every minute of sunshine, in the sky or in a smoothie.

Oik Cookies

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Last night, my son had a serious cookie craving.  Too bad I had almost no cookie-making ingredients!  I decided that I would try a flourless, low sugar oatmeal cookie (mostly because I had no flour and hardly any sugar), and after discovering I was out of raisins, I substituted dried apple pieces.  The result was a crispy, yummy, oatmeal cookie full of autumn flavors.  My 4 year old devoured the cookies and I loved that they’re pretty healthy, for cookies.  And they gained their unique moniker because I can’t type on my smartphone.  I was typing the recipe up on Facebook, and oil became oik.  My sister decided there was no other name for them.  If you want to give them a try, here’s the recipe:

A Novice’s Guide to Canning

Friday, September 21st, 2012

I love all the amazing produce that I get each week from Bountiful Baskets.  As a site coordinator, I see those big beautiful add-on boxes of fresh fruit and veggies and I WANT them.  But I’ve hesitated to contribute for them because I was worried about waste.  The obvious solution is canning.  Let me tell you though, I was seriously intimidated by the whole process.  In my head, I thought of all the equipment, all the rules, all the work, and I figured I didn’t want anything to do with it.  This season I finally gave it a try.  I was so wrong!  Yes, there is equipment, there are rules, and it is work.  But it is absolutely, without a doubt, worth it!

These are my tips and tricks for any other canning newbies out there.  Hope they convince some of you to try it out!  You won’t regret it, especially once you see your pantry fill up and your preservative intake go down!

Slow Cooker Marinara and 3 Easy Ways to Use It

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

My slow cooker and I are very good friends. In the fall and winter, I love the amazing smells that waft through my house on a slow cooker dinner day. In the summer, I typically use my garage for slow cooker cooking to help keep my house nice and cool. No matter what the season, I’m always glad to have easy meals without resorting to take-out. To make it even simpler, I like to make slow cooker concoctions that I can use in multiple meals throughout the week. This recipe for slow cooker marinara can be used a million ways, and I’ve included just a few for you to try.

Cherry Clafoutis: Easier than it Sounds!

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

photo by Miranda Shulz

I am a much better cook than I am baker, so I love it when I can make an impressive sounding dessert without needing any serious pastry skills. A cherry clafoutis fits the bill perfectly. It sounds like it takes a lot of effort, and well, it doesn’t. I recently contributed for the Bountiful Baskets Rainier Cherry case and this recipe used my last remaining bit of those delightful little fruits. You could substitute any other cherry (a clafoutis is traditionally made with black cherries) or many other types of fruit. If you use another fruit, the correct name for this dish will be a flognarde, also impressive and kind of funny too.