36 Hour Apple Butter

The things we do for the people we love!

I am a pretty simple kind of gal. I like my routines, I like the foods I like and I don’t like trying new things or making changes to my routine… until that is, I started on this food revolution/adventure I’m on. If I were asked to list 10 things to put on my toast or biscuit, Apple butter wouldn’t be one of them. I had never even heard of it before I met my husband. (Shocker, I know), I know by now, most of you think that I lived in a cave or I was grew up isolated from the world. But neither of those things are true. When it came to food, I had tunnel vision, I only ever saw the few things I knew and liked. Everything else was like a foreign country to me.

My husband has been asking me to come up with an apple butter recipe since we have been married. I was not looking forward to this for 2 reasons. 1. Apples are expensive, and for butter you need a lot. 2. I didn’t want to do the work! Peeling and coring and slicing so many apples. URG!!! Well, something worked in his favor because I found Bountiful Baskets which made the price a non issue, and I also got a peeler/corer (which I ended up not even using after the first round of apples). You can keep the peels on or take them off….so why do extra work! So I decided to give Apple Butter a shot and here is the result.

Hope you enjoy!




  1. Mollie Nagel

    Yes, you can leaveout the cloves and allspice, but I don’t think it will be very good. It will be very bland, but to each his own…

  2. Can I still make this without the all spice and cloves?

  3. Oh, I think I will try the applesauce trick! I love that about Bountiful Baskets….How we can share these things! Thank you 😀

  4. This is exactly what I do, except I haven’t been adding more apples to the batch as it cooks down. I’ll try that!

    I use an immersion blender instead of a food processor. It makes cleanup so much easier. Also, if I start in the morning, I use some of it as applesauce at dinner, then let the rest keep cooking into apple butter.

  5. jamie scott

    I see here that I am missing a key ingredient! 2 Tsp. Of cinnamon each round, wow. I hope no one has tried it without. Bet it isnt very good. So sorry!!! Holidays had me busy.

  6. Sorry didn’t see your comment sooner. I get 10 pint jars from this.

  7. So how much did this end up making?

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